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Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels








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Official Card Monsters (by MU77) Trailer (iOS / Android )

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3 Minutes, to Unleash your Monsters in the fastest card game!

Card Monsters is featured as Best New Games globally on Google Play!

3 Minutes, to Unleash your Monsters!

Card Monsters is a fast-paced strategic card game. Enjoy challenging, and innovative gameplay with simple mechanics that allows for an intense duel! Battle with 8 monsters and 8 items, be victorious by defeating opponent’s every last monster!

Fast Battles, Play Anytime
Battles are designed to be fast and exciting. Duel against other players and defeat them in 3 minutes or less!

From Anywhere, Against Anyone
Join guilds or make foes all over the world on our worldwide server!

Diverse Cards, Obtained Quickly
Earn hundreds of cards easily with daily quest rewards, arena rewards, tournaments, contests, giveaways and more! Each card has its own unique identity, discover what fits you!

Simple Mechanics, Easily Learned
With only 3 positions on the game board, and an innovative auto-attacking system, get right into the gameplay. Use tactics and wits to masterfully defeat each opponent with mechanics picked up in minutes!

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Twitter: @CardMonsters
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Minimum Requirements
Resolution: 800*480
Storage Available: 500 MB

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Android Version
4.0.3 and up
Content Rating
Installs (Google)
500000 - 1000000
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Latest Ratings

Stephen 4
Absolutely love this game. Very well done business model and the overall gameplay itself is well paced and fair unlike most mobile games. Easily the best mobile game on the market. However I've noticed alot more pushes for people buying from the store . Which is fine with me I've bought from there s few times. Sadly alot of these new deals aren't very good ones. And usually offer some crafting materials and a pack of cards for a couple bucks which isn't a great deal considering how easy it is to get those items. Hopefully going forward there are better deals. I'll certainly buy some if there are
Lorenzo 4
Good game, especially at the beginning. Unfortunately after a few week of playing you can notice a great difference from who pay and who not. Anyway it's a good card game and developers are introducing lots of new stuff that could be interesting. The main problem is the upgrade of the cards too much resources are needed.
mike 3
Horrible matchmaking when you reach platinum (platimum) master. Besides multiple grammar mistakes. Which a 1st grader could fix. The main issue I have with game is matchmaking. And the Chinese market has already hacked the game. Way to go. I don't see this game going much further. Good luck contacting game devs. They prob don't understand English. If you enjoy looking to hackers. This is your game.
Elina 5
great job on this wonderful game. simple and fun yet challanging. this game is really fair; i havent spent a dime and im at diamond grandmaster in less than 3 weeks. I was ranked top 50 in hearthstone but if youve played that game theres a certain amount of win chance improving algo only if you buy packs and thats no fun. but this game is fun and actually fair (not rigged) and doesnt burn your battery or data like hearthstone. give it a try ull love it. even thiugh u dont need to i prob will spend some money just to sup the devs; had lots of fun hrs with this. would love to have cash tourneys for this then it will become collosal. could be wrong but would be a great end game if i get all the cards and get bored. perhaps ill host a few small prize tourney for fun if theres ppl interested and its fine with devs. thanks much love
pete 4
Its good.. But it feels like pay to win. Coins come easy...upgrade materials much less easily...gems NOT AT ALL! So no chance for premium currency unless you pay. That said it's fun....until you get a bit higher ranked...cos then your gonna lose a LOT ☺
Ben 4
Enjoying the game but it keeps crashing on me, this makes me miss 2 or 3 turns which allows my opponent to destroy everything I put down without being able to react to it. I don't know what causes it but would love for it to be resolved.
Apurv 1
Day by day is getting worst. Used to love this game but now its so irritating.
Isavella 5
great game love it u need to make better prizes for (1) diamond grandmasters and when u get like 10 winning streaks u get prizes make more prize for winning arena should be called rated game and make teams 2vs2 3vs3
Lee 4
Loved this game online years ago. This is nostalgia with a twist. I do miss the story mode though
Daynite 3
Fun game but don't get why in event I battle with other than my own deck...why? I wanna play my deck. Work hard to build it up but have to use an other
anchit 1
Unable to find any oponent last update ia broken pls check


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