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Building one community for all Muslims featuring Quran, Prayer times, and Qibla

Muslim Ummah builds one community for the Islamic world, featuring Quran, prayer times, Azan and Qibla.

Main features:

-- Read the Holy Quran (Al Qur’an) with transliteration and translation in multiple languages.
-- Listen to beautiful audio recitation of Quran, with each Arabic / transliteration word synchronised with audio.
-- Study the explanation and pronunciation of each word of every Ayah.
-- Bookmark to save Ayah, read / listen to your favorite verses from your collection list and navigate to the Holy Quran in a second.
-- Quran fully translated to: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Français, Türkçe, русский, हिंदी, বাঙালি, العربية, اردو.
-- Discover inspiring Quran topics such as day of judgement, paradise, patience, happiness, success, etc.

Prayer Times
-- Get most accurate prayer times based on your current location
-- Azan: Visual and audio notifications for the calls for prayer
-- Show the prayer time countdown for the next Azan time
-- Islamic calendar converter: Convert complete Muslim Hijri calendar to Gregorian calendar and vice versa
-- Estimate holy dates such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha throughout years

Qibla: Find the direction of Kaaba in Mecca based on your current location when you pray

Daily features
-- Verse of the day
-- Photo of the day
-- Quiz: Learn interesting facts about Islamic world

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Latest Ratings

Adhi 3
If Developer can do this in the next update this app would be perfect: - The prayer call sounds on time. In my device sometimes it sounds 2-4 mins later. - The prayer call can have "alarm volume" option rather than lock the app on notification volume. User tends to minimize their notification volume, but not their alarm volume. - Have more option on prayer call, not just "adzan" but also "takbir" - Able to sound a full "adzan". Sometimes there's a glitch and the adzan doesn't sounds fully. - Have shorter adzan length option than Mecca or Medina style. - Redesign the qibla compass to look cleaner. - Bookmark Quran without need to register.
Sorry have to downgrade from 5star to 4 star. I love the app. But now I have to reg first before I can bookmark. I'm a new Muslim and try to learn and read the Quran. I don't like reg any app. Please put it back how it was before the last upgrade. Alhamdulillah.
farhan 5
Fix it to search ayat by random or jump to certain ayat.
Dewatama 4
Why adzan alarm can't ring? Please fix it. Thanks
Cecep 5
This app have any quranic qoutes, I love it's.
hassan 5
Masha Allah great app...have to appreciate this app development teams effort
Farezi 5
This is a great apps for all moslem around the world
Andy 5
Please add tajwid.. please.. good app. Thanks.
Dwi 5
Good application, recommended 👍
anni 4
Mengapa alarm adzan tidak berdering ? Mohon bantuannya
Catastrophy1 5
Kenapa kok tidah bisa memasukkan lokadi, ada yang bisa bantu?

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