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Bring back notifications you swiped away!

Ever accidentally swiped away a notification and didn't have time to read what it said? Now you can bring it back with Unnotification! Whenever you swipe away a notification, a new one will pop up asking if you want to bring back the notification you may have accidentally swiped away and act on it accordingly. You can also choose certain apps to ignore undoing notifications for.

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  • Unnotification app for Android can undo deletions

    (4 months ago)

    Notifications are pretty much useful. With a single glance at your home or lockscreen, you can quickly be reminded of what’s on your calendar and what you need to do. Those quick messages can…





Latest Ratings

dedChar 5
This app adds the ability to undo accidental notification swipes to the already wonderful Android notifications! I don't know how a feature like this is not included in Android by default! One little thing that I dislike about this is that I have to extend the notification and hit the 'undo' action to actually undo the notification. I think it would be great if it was possible to trigger the 'undo' action by just pressing on the notification itself, without having to extend it and clicking the notification action. But otherwise, great little, simple app! EDIT: The feature was added in 1.3!
Craig 3
Worked fine until the latest release, now does nothing. Pixel XL, 8.1. UPDATE: works fine after a reboot
Timothy 4
Good app. It's definitely nice to have in case you accidentally swipe the wrong notification away. One feature I'd like to see is the ability to select multiple apps at a time for blacklisting, instead of having to go through the list of apps every time you want to add an app. Or instead of a popup list, just have the list there all the time with check boxes to enable blacklisting for that app. Just a thought, but it won't keep me from using this app. :)
Brett 4
Awesome so far. On my Pixel 2 the Now Playing notifications so I can see songs that were playing in the background last night. Pretty cool. It would be nice if there was a way to get to the notification log other than from the notification pull-down, maybe from in the app. A screenshot of the quick settings tile would be helpful in the app store. I did not know it was an option until I saw the setting for "Use Quick Settings Tile Only" It would also be nice if there was a feedback link in the app so suggestions can be sent outside of the reviews. :)
Kyle 5
Just a few minutes ago; Accidentally swiped away a notification, saw an article about this app, downloaded the app, and now I'm happy. Thanks dev!
kenneth 4
Loving the app so far but while blacklisting apps option to select more than one at a time, and maybe option to o only show downloaded apps
Siddharth 5
Should be a native Android feature. Thank you dev.
Adam 5
This is so awesome, great job. Overdue feature that should be native.
Alon 5
So far great little utility and non invasive. I like it
Mackenzie 5
Awesome idea, awesome app. Nicely done!
John 5
I agree with dedChar, the only thing I would change is add the option to be able to click on it and that would resend the notification. Also, maybe if possible, I would add the option to be able to retrieve a dismissed notification as many times as the user wanted.

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