Overkill Strike: Best Shooting Games

Overkill Strike: Best Shooting Games








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By Neon Games - Counter Strike FPS Shooter 4 Free Fun Category Action #114

Description & Details

Best counter terrorist shooting games revived on mobile device!

Overkill Strike is a multiplayer FPS game, using customized weapon to play with global players on portable device.

Game Features:
- Players come from all over the world.
- Easy to control, the weapon supports automatic firing.
- 20+ classic and unique rival maps, more maps added continuously.
- 50+ classic weapons, more weapons are on the way.
- Up to several hundreds weapons will be released in future version.
- Incredible optimization, smooth controlling and amazing HD next-gen graphic.
- 40MB only! Keep it in your portable device and experience the shooting games everywhere.
- Support 20+ languages.

Any suggestion please mail to neongameapp@gmail.com
If you recommand your favorite map and weapon ,we will consider and add in game!

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Android Version
4.0.3 and up
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100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

Jeff 5
I've been enjoying the game quite a bit. The hackers are gone, it seems. I like the maps and weapons, and the new update makes buying one easier. For some reason my head shots don't register at all for the mission reward. Also I fall through the maps sometimes. Just trying to help you get all the bugs out. I do love playing the game.
D 1
This game is junk. Hit reg is non existent. Maps are so small you can run from your base to the enemies with your spawn shield active. So u just stand there helpless while a noob kills you. Everyone gets a flashbang. It's like the Devs have never played an FPS. Maybe they should make a Bejeweled clone.
kartik 5
Superb but... The game is overall very damn good .Its a type of counter strike for mobile.U will not get this app anywhere else! But the game doesn't come with a lan WiFi play feature which is very bad! Hope the developers look into the issue!
Odnid 5
Even hackers played us they don't feel happiness coz they are not challenge playing fair hehe they afraid of loosing... Ahm when was the lock features be opened? U guys providing us game like this deserves 5 star and 2 thumbs up ..... :) ... I hope u response me to my simple question guys!!! Odnid...
Ashad 2
The game is great only if it does not lag and I have a decent Internet so... I don't know why do you guys release games such awesome and do not look into fixing the lag problem for players.
Keaton 3
Graphics are decent and gameplay is okay. Its just the game is kind of glitchy and headshots don't register. Also everything feels slow. Other than that I think game is alright.
Hi developers please move enemy base little far, which is more attractive for co-ordinate playing. Moving team 1 together to capture enemy base which is more awesome. Create a spawn point for each team after death. This improvements make the game no 1 in the play store.
Justin 5
I love the way the game plays. My only issue is that the enemy teams both blue and red would have a never ending war of spawn trapping and spawn killing.
GGummy 1
"It's so bad, it's not even a counter-strike clone anymore. It's a bootleg. " Shameful. Reported for copyright assets from counter strike. Gameplay is Unplayable. Unresponsive control, misleading damage detection, poor server, Shamefully pay to win, and the Weapon stat stability is none. This game just wants your money. End of story.
Keanu 4
It is a really good game when you can't download the other ones to play it coz the phone don't run coz of a bad phone, other than that good game easy
Kyle 5
It needs better controls like when you use a sniper and you should also have customization for controls that's all you really need to improve on

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