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Do you want to be pretty?If yes, come visit us at the ‘Beauty Rental Shop’.

When people see me, they say,

“…Ugly Witch, so annoying.”

But at that moment, I found a shop by fate, ‘Beauty Rental Shop’

Variety of ingredients are mixed to make an Elixir,
Stars of the Milky Way or even Barbie Doll's Spirit,
By drinking this Elixir, I can always change my look to a pretty face I want.

★Plus, The 4 Men and Their Secrets Behind Them! ★

“Toby Lowell” – Who is scared of Full-Moon
“Lucian Vasilis” – Who keeps falling asleep due to Narcolepsy.
“Soren Rayne” – Who cannot leave the Dark Forest
“Kylar Xander” – Who cannot hide his shyness

They look normal from the outside,
but our fate is extraordinarly special.

Do you want to be pretty?

Aren’t you curious, who we are?

If yes, come visit us at the ‘Beauty Rental Shop’.

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Serena 3
The dialogue... needs to be worked on. It's really annoying, and it really makes some of the characters (such as the cat and Toby) very unlikable. The graphics are gorgeous! However, I can see this becoming really, really tedious. It takes forever to get enough upgrades so that grinding isn't much of an issue, and the lack of inactive BP build up (as in, when the app is closed) just compounds this problem. Right now, to get a 35 thousand BP potion, it takes about 85 hundred taps. It's very annoying.
Jeff 5
I think its an amazing game, but the typos make it a bit hard to read sometimes. The gameplay is awesome, the graphics are fantastic, and the story's are perfect. Please at least make prices less. Like for the dress. $75 for the dress and it only ups 40 points? Please make it so teens like us can buy it or ask our parents and its not so much because not everyone who plays this isn't 18+ and have money.
Ceylan 4
The only problem i have with it is that i am playing on my phone and the font is super small. My eyes hurt reading the words sometimes but really if i had a bigger phone or an ipad(?) I shouldn't have that problem. I love their expressions and the kat
Yuu 3
Not going to lie or try to be a grammar Nazi, but the dialogue is horrendously annoying and cringey. If they hadn't used 'text speech' or try to give street accents to the characters not the protagonist, then the game would have felt cleaner and not like a middle schooler decided to take over the script. Other than that, the game isn't too bad and the story can be cute, if a little hard to understand (especially Scott) with the exaggerated accents.
Len 5
Its great 👍 but i think it would improve if it had more goal than to be just prettier and all. Like for example: the mc needing to excercising. Pls provide another activity since just tapping for a long time could bore the gamers
Romiella 3
The game is nice and I actually enjoyed myself after a few stories, but the grammar is very poor and it's kinda showing mediocrity in some characters. I love the artstyle and the graphics it really makes you fall in love with the characters, might I suggest adding more facial expressions because it's really limiting the characters of how they feel with just 2 or 3 facial expressions, but all in all it's a nice game.
Meaghan 4
A very beautiful looking game. The characters are gorgeous. At first I didn't like the dialogue but I find it kind of cute now. The store (to spend real money) is super expensive. But I can understand why because the game is really detailed. Overall I like it
Faith 2
Why y'all complain about the translation? But can we talk about the BP and crystals..... seriously it takes forever to get more BP and not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on gems I don't want to spend 5 hours just watching ads to get gems. Please add an attendance calendar system for the gems not just daily login of 5 gems if u can't afford add free potions that boost BP earning or something OR at least make the BP easier to earn faster.
Saeyoung 3
It's a lovely game. But I hate the fact that you have to either spend a heck ton of money to get a good ending.. or spend ages saving up for the outfit upgrades to get a happy ending. The normal ending breaks my heart everytime because it's always sad. Nothing happens between you and the character :/
Foolish 5
This is the best game I've ever played. I love the characters, the plot the clothes you can buy and all the faces you unlock. Definitely Recommend this game to anyone. FYI, Toby was my fav even though his endings a bit sad.
Skyler 4
This game is so cute! I absolutely LOVE playing it and the story line is great! my only problem is the slang they add, I think it loses the effect of the game, and also the amount of times they are asking you to tap. But otherwise GREAT GAME!!!

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