[Live Wallpaper] Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

[Live Wallpaper] Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp








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How about changing your wallpaper to an "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" artwork!

How about changing your smartphone wallpaper to an "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" artwork!

"Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" is the mobile app where you can enjoy easygoing campsite development in a world inhabited by animals and time flowing like the real world.

* This wallpaper is supported on Android OS 4.2 or newer. Note: Some devices may not be supported.
* This is a limited wallpaper with the Google Play logo included.
* Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

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Risa 5
Absolutely in love! I've been obsessed with Animal Crossing since the GameCube game (never had the pleasure of playing the N64 version, unfortunately), and I just adore this wallpaper. It's beautiful, has some awesome characters featured on it, and is a "live" wallpaper in the best definition of the word - it's not glitchy whatsoever and moves at the perfect speed. Beautiful wallpaper, would recommend to any long-time Animal Crossing fan or first time player alike!
MicroFX 5
Ive been a fan of animal crossing since Wild World, and im happy they brought it to mobile! And I get a free wallpaper? What more do you want (Other than smash on the switch or mobile)
TheFrendlyCactus 5
This App is Amazing and what I Expected from Nintendo I love it's 3D Rotation. I can't wait for the game it is a great addition for the Game. I think it would be cool if it had night time mode depending on the time of day. But it is a really cool Wallpaper. I love this app a lot
Lance 4
I love the Live Wallpaper! But, It kills your Battery. I would give it 5 stars if it didn't drain my Battery.
I 4
It is very cool but I would like the clock to tell the real time can you do that? If you can't I love this anyway
Alban 3
It's a simple wallpaper that copies the rotating intro screen from the Pocket Camp game. Unfortunately, the winter version isn't available, and the wallpaper's details tend to interfere with the text on the phone's home screen. Instead of this, I highly recommend Ruud Lenders' live Animal Crossing wallpaper that emulates the grass patterns.
Kamie 4
Wallpaper works great, it's simple. But.. Let me get this straight. Your game doesn't work for thousands, but the live wallpaper does? Wow.
Drache 3
It's a very distracting wallpaper because it is so bright without any option. Disappointingly, the clock doesn't function, and is just an illustration. This is not Nintendo quality.
sad 3
It's alright, make it a little prettier and have the clock in the center move with real time and I'll give it 5 stars. You should also make a live wallpaper for different versions of Animal Crossing (or no specific version at all).
Eli 5
Fun promo for the game! They keep updating it to add more detail the closer we get to launch.
B 5
Good it's great actually, even got the microphone usage the 3DS has

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