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A new way to save notes / reminders in your notifications.

** Google Play's Best Apps of 2017 Winner

With notin, never forget the little things anymore. It's an easy way to save notes or reminders as a notification.

notin helps you in reminding things you need to do, random numbers you do not want to save in your contacts and many more through the help of Notifications. The reminder doesn't pop-up or rings, it just sits there and still does it's job most efficiently.

• Save what you need, fast
• Be constantly reminded
• Beautifully designed
• Easy to use interface
• No unnecessary or complex features

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Latest Ratings

San 2
This app is great, and I love how easy it is to make and access notes. However, there should be a warning somewhere that if you restart your phone YOUR NOTES WILL DISAPPEAR! Great. I found that out the hard way. The point of a note app is that you don't have to remember the information. It's in the note. Until it's not. I will keep the app and keep using it, as now I know not to restart my phone without screenshotting my notes. :(
Alix 2
This is exactly the app I was looking for! But unfortunately two big drawbacks. 1. When I reboot my phone, the notes are gone. 2. When I clear notification tray, the notes are gone too. Would be great to be able to pin them. They just disappear too easily. Hopefully this will change in future updates. EDIT : Sorry, have to take away stars and uninstall app. Although many others have been mentioning the same issues, nothing has changed. Other apps does a much better job.
Dumee 4
It works really well until the note is too large to fit along the screen so you can't read the whole note. It would good if you could expand it so you could see the whole note. Plus it would be great if you could lock notes in place/ask if i actually wanted to delete it. Accidentally deleted so many notes :D
Truly great concept. Really simple, clean UI, however there are a few drawbacks as others have said. Notes disappear when you swipe them away from the notifications tray (or reboot). It would be nice for them to remain in the app with either a tick or strike-through text to know that the task it done. Also a widget would be really cool. This would mean I don't have to open the app, just go to my widgets tray, make a note and see it appear in the notifications. If you can sort this it would get 5 ๐ŸŒŸ without questions for the sheer simplicity of it...
Gary 2
I really like the idea behind this app and it does what it says it does. In a previous version, the notification icon in the status bar was black, which I couldn't see because my live wallpaper had a black background. In the latest version this problem was fixed, so I added 2 more stars. THANK YOU!
Faridul 5
Really unique idea! Keep it up I can see his app going places. One thing though. It would be great if we can lock any notification and to remove it other ways then just swiping.
Owais 5
An absolute must for me ... Mr Forgetful! Told Mrs about it but she didn't install saying that the notifications disappear too easily. I love it though ... no things to do, calendar or alarms has got out off me what Notin has ... thanks!
Emily 2
Great idea but the text does not wrap meaning you can only have short reminders and the text cannot be edited after being posted - you have to make a new note. Unfortunately, it's just not useful for me.
daniel 5
Lovin' It. Proof that a very simple but well though app can be more effective than bloated do-it-all app. Elegant design and implementation. I wish all Apps were to this standard. My only wish would be that notin notifications are sticky, so they remain in the notification bar even when the Android "Clear All" notification button is used. . In any case, Great job!
Aliza 3
Love it. Minimalistic and super easy and simple to use. However, cannot read a long note as it doesn't scroll through them on the notification screen. So have to write short notes. Also would be nice if there was an 'old notes' feature in case any notes are accidentally deleted. Or they locked onto the notification tab until you separately too them off. Because I keep accidentally deleting them when "clear" is selected...
Michael 2
Not sure what it is, but the notes don't stay no matter what I do. If I don't do anything and leave my phone screen off for a few minutes the note disappears. So the app literally doesn't do what it's supposed to do. The ui is nice tho, shame it doesn't work.

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