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Flat Pack. A 2D and 3D platform mix-up!

Flat Pack. A 2D and 3D platform mix-up!

• Cool traps and enemies that escape the confines of the level.
• Take to the skies and explore 30+ levels each with there own unique twist.
• Wrap your brain around this 2D and 3D hybrid!
• One handed platforming at its best.
• Epic Boss Fights!!!
• Explore and find all of the secret stars to unlock a secret ending!

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Latest Ratings

daniel 5
Gameplay: I really enjoyed the gameplay. After a couple of levels, the game became incredibly exciting, as I sometimes only just escaped death, making me feel like Indiana Jones or something like that. Also, the puzzles were very fun to figure out, as a lot of them were really confusing but solving them was rather satisfying. The controls are simple but work very well and are easy to learn, as well. Visuals: The visuals were quite charming and the animations were very well done. Also, considering this is the first Nitrome game to use 3D graphics, it looks fantastic. Overall: This is, by far, my favourite Nitrome game. One complaint, however, is that I wish there were more levels. Perhaps a sequel or DLC?
I gotta hand it to you, you guys worked hard on this game. It's pretty challenging And my favourite part was when you made the red guy flat. I managed to kill him but i don't feel like getting the secret ending. This game is really addictive and I hope you make more games like this in the future. If I could rate 1000 I would cuz amazing does not even describe this game. I love you nitrome
Austin 5
Incredible game with some hilarious troll deaths. At first the game can be slightly confusing as the gameplay can be a bit trippy. This will go away though and you'll soon be enjoying amazingly designed puzzles and platforming. The controls can be quite frustrating on certain levels where it requires precise movements. I think the game would have greatly benefited from the choice of having an on screen d pad and jump button.
Máté 3
Just as many said, in a game that has timed jumps, input lag is plain frustrating. Other than that, the game would be a solid 5 star, the controls however pull it down to 3. Hope you guys find an alternative control system.
Leonardo 4
Controls are the only problem in the game. When you try to jump, it often moves the character to a side instead the jump. I suggest control options in the options menu to switch to a kind of buttons in screen or something. The gameplay it's very interesting and the game is awesome :D
Kennedy 5
This Game might just be my favorite from Nitrome. The graphics are so much charming and the animations are fluid- In the aesthetic department this is a blast. This may be the best looking game in the Play Store The Frame-Rate on the other hand is kinda of a problem. I mean,its playable,but I don't see why there is so much drops on my phone,the game do not seems that demanding. This issue might be coming from my phone,but if not,please fix this.Its annoying. I have mixed opinions on the controls,since you have to use Swipe controls. It works fine most of the time,but some times(specially when dropping frames) the game get suddenly hard to control. Directional Buttons could be an nice option to have. The Gameplay is great though. The puzzles and platforming are fun,and the level design is hella good. The levels are not too difficult,but not too easy either. You guys really are the Nintendo of Mobile Indies. Overall- Great,there is definitely room for improvement,but the game is fun,and you guys really nail in this department. I give this game a 9.5 out of 10
Zane 5
This game was executed very well (: I really like the simple controls and the interesting gameplay. Nitrome has created some the most fun games I have ever played
Bobby 5
Love the game, and I rarely rate a game. But this game is golden. The only problem is that it doesn't have enough levels. Please update and make more levels!!
Guillaume 2
It was meh. Graphics are nice, game design is nice, could've enjoyed it in better circumstances. Aside from the ridiculously low framerate (I should be able to get at least 10fps, I'm on a Galaxy S4 damnit), the controls are horrendous. For the nth time, NOBODY wants a platformer where you swipe to walk, nor one where you can't jump and walk together. Swiping also means that there's a delay before the device understands that I'm swiping and not just tapping. That's called input lag, and you can't make a game with tight timings if the controls aren't tight. On some levels, it takes up to half a second to fully start or stop running, and that's all the delay you need to die repeatedly. Would enjoy the game way better if you just slapped controller buttons as an overlay instead of *shudders* this. Or you know, you could've just released this as one of Nitrome's bazillions of online games, and it would have worked dandy because ARROW KEYS.
It's like you're playing two awesome games at the same time. There's a lot of potential in the game engine and I'd buy a sequel/expansion in a heartbeat. I also bought the ad free version of the game -after I beat it- since it's just that good. I have to gripe about the controls as well. There are three things you can do: move left, move right, and jump. These are all done in ways that are similar enough to throw you off. If you put your finger to the screen and dont move it left or right enough, the game thinks you want to jump, usually right into some spikes. If you put your finger to the screen and accidentally move your finger like a millimeter to the left or the right, you'll budge like a millimeter instead of jumping over a monster headed your way. Whoops! Maybe devote the left side of the screen to movement and the right to jumping..? Or the first quarter to left, second quarter to right, and remaining half to jumping..? You've got options there.
YoshiNerd 4
I love this game. It is very creative and inventive. However, i wish there were button controlls because I find it difficult to maneuver the levels.


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