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Roguelite Run and Gun

A mysterious tower has risen! It emits plumes of noxious green smoke from
its summit making people sick. Strange creatures infest the tower but if
nobody tries to ascend it we will all be doomed!

Are you that hero?.....


- Randomised for replay. Every run is different!
- Evolve your abilities and skill to progress ever further up the tower!
- 4 Themed zones to ascend!
- Unique hazards and monsters to each zone!
- 4 Epic End Zone Boss Fights!
- Loads of Gun Types including, Laser, T Gun, Bubble Gun and Shotgun!
- 25 Suits to unlock each with unique abilities that affect play.
- Upgrade yourself at the end of each level with 20 upgrade abilities!

- Important information -
This game contains third party advertising and cross promotion for other nitrome games, both which can be removed via a one time In App Purchase.

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JJ 5
It's tough as nails, but I've at least managed to beat the game. I think the wall climb mechanic can be a little funky, especially if you want to wall-jump with a spin attack or wall-jump and shoot. I'd also like to see a new suit or upgrade that makes combos easier. So far, I think shotgun is probably the best for this situation, but trying to get that 100 combo achievement is driving me insane.
Jahmil 5
This game is literally everything you could want in a simple 4-control game. I also love the combo mechanic making you want to get that X2 gems or +1hp. One question, why isn't the update out for iOS yet. I have like 20000 gems I can't wait to use. Otherwise this is a fun game, and I honestly don't see it dying as long it is monthly updated. I also recommend more than 4 dungeons. Also there is this one thing that was so annoying when I started playing. If you slide your finger over that button to purchased gear it will instantly buy on contact or the button. This is quite annoying when saving money to buy a certain gear, and accidentally scrolling through the gear and buying a different one. Maybe an "Are you sure you want to purchase this gear" button would be amazing. Great game!
Jason 5
The game play experience is excellent. Few suggestions: (1) the control buttons are bit too tight to presspress wrong button sometime, (2) I know you meant to distort the screen with noise like old TV sometime, but it is distracting during the play, is it possible to have an option to disable it?
Julian 5
I like the pixel style of this and I've notice real quick that this game was inspired by the MegaMan franchise and that's good! MegaMan is one of favorite franchise's I like the weapons and the skins, i appreciate the time you put into this app it's really good and I'm definitely gonna share the app with others thank you 😊 but please keep updating this app, it's great (Update: It's connected to Google play but I broke my phone signed into a my new phone under the same account and lost my data for this game? Please respond I want my data back thank you)
Kelvin 5
its a great game, i love the idea of this game. but can i ask you? what is chameleon's power? cause i bought it and i dont understand it. and sometimes, an error showed up
All 5
This games is so much fun I love the mechanics the spin attacks is my favorite. I don't know if I am being stupid but maybe it would be cool if we could customize our suits like a sharks suit or maybe a santa or elf suit because of the holidays. (If you are going to do this make me an Easter egg like maybe a radiation suit and call it xNukex) 😉
Solus 5
It's okay. Not digging the controls and kinda repetitive. Other than that it is fun for a while and well designed. For some players. Just not for me.
ivan 5
This is a fun time killing game however it would be good if there was a suit under 5000 gems which could mix both effects and defects of two suits Prefabbly coloured light blue and dark black not grey
david 5
Amazing game,The controls are a little bit too close,like when I press left, he go right and when I press jump, he shoots.Overall I need more levels,is a small game but I love it!
Khorolbat 5
Oh nice game but new suits like money man suit which gives 1=10 gems price should be 2500 gems and mechs and love the nintendo thumg
Marco 5
I got an idea for a suit it's called gun nut: + random gun as default. - 2 health think about it Ps I got some other ideas in mind on guns and a pet system


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