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Roguelite Run and Gun

A mysterious tower has risen! It emits plumes of noxious green smoke from
its summit making people sick. Strange creatures infest the tower but if
nobody tries to ascend it we will all be doomed!

Are you that hero?.....


- Randomised for replay. Every run is different!
- Evolve your abilities and skill to progress ever further up the tower!
- 4 Themed zones to ascend!
- Unique hazards and monsters to each zone!
- 4 Epic End Zone Boss Fights!
- Loads of Gun Types including, Laser, T Gun, Bubble Gun and Shotgun!
- 25 Suits to unlock each with unique abilities that affect play.
- Upgrade yourself at the end of each level with 20 upgrade abilities!

- Important information -
This game contains third party advertising and cross promotion for other nitrome games, both which can be removed via a one time In App Purchase.

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500000 - 1000000
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Jamar 4
Tower Fortress is an amazing game. The controls are simple and the gameplay isn't that bad. However, the game seems to not know when certain achievements are unlocked. I beat the game twice, and the "God is Goo" achievement and "Die Smoke Belcher!" achievement remained locked. I also got a combo of 50x and the "Ultra Combo" achievement remained locked. To me, unlocking achievements are what makes the game fun and challenging. If this issue can be fixed then I would most likely rate 5 stars.
I love this game and its challenging but I feel like the game is is short. What I mean by that is there should be more worlds.there should be more cool weapons. I also had this idea were you get to climb up the tower against someone then whatever you collected when you were climbing up you would fight each other. But love the game keep doing the good work 👌😁
Game is good. Simple, tight controls, and nice art style. Personally I think game handled the controls really well, most action games on mobile phones I turn away from due to just plain bad control schemes. But tower fortress made its control work well on a touch screen context. Portrait mode also helps with the screen real estate. Overall lots of good decisions on the devs part. Beat the game with the seeker suit. Homing with piercing bullet is broken lol. Had so much fun with it. Good game!
Kristopher 5
Great game, took me awhile to beat it. It came down the getting the right combo of items that suited the suit I chose. That said, there are some improvements that could be made with the suit system, and also the flamethrower guys following you when you turn was unexpected and a pain in the butt.
Hannah 2
The new update completely ruined it. It is no longer different/random, every time you start the levels are exactly the same, along with the chests, enemies, and even the end level rewards are all the same. It used to be super awesome, if you can randomize the levels again i will change to a 5 star
Trent 5
Fantastic game all around!! It'd be perfect except it didn't give me several of the achievements that I now can't go back and redo. E.g. suit unlocks. The newest update allowed me to collect some achievements but still can't go back and get the suit unlocks now that I have all, even the 5 new ones, unlocked.
Dylan 4
I really like this app, but i have a small problem. It is WAY too easy to accidentally buy suits of armor you have not bought yet. I was using the money suit to save up for the pro suit, and i almost had enough, but i dozed off and accidently clicked two different suits and bought them. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it to reset it. I was hoping you could add a confirm purchase button or something, i also clicked a suit for no reason and it bought it for me. Thx!
RedLink72 5
Tower Fortress is a Rouge Like platformer with many ways to play. You can play as a glass cannon like character, or a tank! The choice is up to you! (and RNG of course) This game reminds me of Enter the Gungeon with its retro graphics and run n gun rouge like feel. My only minor complaint is there's no way way to traverse downwards through platforms.
Friendly 5
I absolutely love this game, there honestly needs to be more games like this on the app store. The art direction and the detail in animation is phenomenal and has easily become one of my favorite app games out there. The gameplay is fun and progressive, and the total aesthetic makes the game complete and very attractive. A few things though, the controls need a bit of work, there are obvious complications in the jump system with it being a bit sensitive with the double-jump feature, seeing how sometimes the character will preform a double jump with one push at times and will sometimes effect the gameplay. Another bit I want to note is that it also seems like the controls bug out at times with the character firing off a round when using the controls (other than the fire button) and this also unfortunately effects gameplay often as well. I know I'm starting to sound a bit harsh, but my feelings for this game are anything but negative, I absolutely love this game, the aesthetic is great, the art style animation is gorgeous and it's overall a fantastic game and i recommend playing the hell out of it when you have the time.
Mike 1
Ok..looks cool but the first level...all there is is a torch or candle in the middle...if you go off screen little dude just dissapears...bring him back on and there's nothing tojump on or game doesn't it the game or what? I'd like to play it and leave a better review but so far it doesn't work at all
Kevin 5
Awesome game. I can tell there was definitely some influence from classic megaman and megaman x which is awesome! There are very few games that have been able to pull this off on mobile without clunky controls and whole still being fun. Well done developer/developers!


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