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Start and expand your own café!

Start and expand your own café! Grow fresh ingredients on your organic farm and cook hundreds of dishes from all around the world! Upgrade your kitchen with new appliances and invite your friends to join the fun! All that and much more awaits you in this exciting FREE time management game!
Do you fancy cooking classic American meals, do you obsess over the intricacies of exquisite Japanese food, or do you prefer the delicious aroma of Italian desserts – then you're in for a treat! It’s your chance to shine, so turn up the heat and cook mouthwatering burgers, spicy-hot pizzas, crispy fresh salads and delightful pastry – the possibilities are truly endless! In need of gourmet ingredients? Then roll up your sleeves and cultivate your personal eco garden to produce first-class organic vegetables, fruits and grains! Upgrade your kitchen with dozens of modern appliances and elevate your cooking to great new heights!
Sounds good? It gets better! Help your guests feel at home by choosing from a vast variety of decorations and enhancements for your cafeteria, then go online and share your accomplishments with your friends. Better yet, invite them to visit your unique bustling establishment, filled with lovely flavors, amazing aromas and most importantly – a wonderful mood. After all, it's called Happy Café for a reason!
It’s lovely, it’s happy and it’s totally FREE! Don’t hesitate, just jump right in – the sunny tropical paradise awaits its chef!
• Start your own café!
• Create delicious new recipes and explore numerous international cuisines, including American, Italian, Japanese and many more!
• Set up your own organic farm and grow first-class gourmet ingredients!
• Decorate your café to your liking!
• Cook burgers, pizza, sushi, salads, and other meals from a huge selection of more than 100 recipes!
• Upgrade your kitchen appliances, expand your territory and invite your friends to help you!

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Sarah 4
A lot of fun and very addictive, but very busy and fast-paced. There are so many things happening at once that it's hard to keep track of all the action. I guess that's why it's so addictive! UPDATE: Now that I've gotten the hang of it after playing for a while, I have some suggestions to make for future updates. It would be a good idea to incorporate a buy/sell feature, where players can sell crops to other players or NPCs, maybe in a central community market or roadside stand, as well as getting a little bit back when upgrading appliances or furniture. Developers, what do you think?
Jennifer 3
I enjoyed this game until the latest update. I don't know if there is a glitch but I left the game for about 12+ hrs and nothing was cooked and no ingredients ready. Please look into this, i will be forced to stop playing as will lose interest if it continues like this.
Adrianne 2
This game is Ok but has a lot of bad features; tile prices continue to go up through the game and so does the wait time for foods. Also the prices for upgrades are ridiculous this game will almost make you spend some money if you ever want to get anywhere and at that point I will delete instead. The game is cute in itself but that's all...also since the update i notice u can no longer shop at other players field you will not get full amount. For example usually you'll get 8 chickens per 24hrs and now you only get 1 and thats with all foods.
Did not like how the game would not let my phone shut off when I sometimes would fall asleep playing it. That causes my phone to get hot. Cannot easily shut off the notifications. But fun, easy, and a nice time waster when needed.
I really enjoy the game. But it becomes frustrating when i do all this hard work to earn "the smiley faces" go to sleep and wake up having to start over. It'll be interesting if we could hire employees to work or even be able to open and close the restaurant. JS 💁
stephanie 2
I really want to go back to buying games and not waste money on buying coins and gems so I can level up. App games are becoming ridiculous!
Jaewoo 3
Moving objects is a hassle they should make it more simple to move objects around like clash of clans. Doesn't make sense that you can't cook the same dish simultaneously, when the game says it tries to make it a little more realistic.
William 3
Things cost too much money early on. I also don't like how everything starts all randomly spread out and the editing mode only allows you to move one object at a time
Elena 4
It would be better if you can cook dishes more than one at a time. It's a hassle when you need to wait for it to finish cooking before being able to cook it again. What is the use of having alot of stoves if you cant cook in it all, considering also the length of time you need to wait for until you can harvest needed ingredients per dish. and the upgrades are just absolutely too expensive. Not all people has got the patience to wait for it. Or atleast put an option for closing your cafe for a while so we'd be able to put enough food on the service counters.
Rebecca 1
30th Nov 2017..This game is ok there are better ones out there, the fact that when you want to change tables ect you got to delete them rather than sell or store them when I bought them in the first place also should be able to sell things from barn not just delete them and be able to cook multiple dishes and we shouldn't have to pay to upgrade bank should be able to keep as much money as we got, if you change these things I would happily give more stars as it is now not worth even 1 star as there are a lit better games out there that you can do all above.graphics are ok wanted to give 3 stars but it affected my overall rating.. 4 Dec 20017..I will be uninstalling this game as noone read my review as I didn't even get a reply not putting any more of my time into a game that is not exciting..
Lisa 4
This game is addictive and i like it, but lately more often the game has been major time delays. I have been waiting two days now for my land to be available, which has been stuck on 1 day and 1 hour for quite a while now. Normally the VIPs have 8 persons, they at time only have four, and the character sometimes freeze. I really like this game and would hate to delete it so Nordcurrent please fix these issues asap.


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