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Battle Me Senpai! Summon Cute Anime Girls in World Virus Wars & SLG Battles!

**Anime strategy war game with cute girl commanders, custom storylines with outcomes you determine and PvP multiplayer online battles – Battle of Eden: Girls Frontier is the best anime strategy game of 2017!!**

With approaching virus apocalypse, girls are besieged in cities defending the infected out of control. At this critical moment, some cute commanders stand out and gather brave survivors to protect the ruined Eden from the invasion. As the league’s leader, how will you rule and interact with the commanders? Curious about destiny of talented girls fighting at the frontier? Never miss this animation-themed challenge to clash and dominate the Eden!

Battle of Eden: Girls Frontier thrilling PvE mode, PvP war games and ACG style battles are sure to amaze you, with alluring anime art and an epic choose-your-own-adventure. Collect, combine and summon cute anime girls to battle in an exciting ACG meets SLG adventure like none other!

❤ Features ❤

Collect Cute Girls to Battle!
❤ Brave sniper, sword master, witches and more – Summon beautiful and powerful Heroines to battle on the frontier
❤ War is here! As a survivor, use battle tactics and special moves unique to each Hero and defeat your enemies and the infected!
❤ War battle with tap controls, amazing gameplay and vicious enemies

Dating Simulator Gameplay
❤ Anime romance is in the air! Increase your intimacy levels with girls and discover their unique stories and true power
❤ Dating sim gameplay feeds into character growth, powering your girls up for battle and defense
❤ Commander girls needs rest after battles. Hmm, date & send gifts to them will be a good idea

Execute Strategy and Tactics
Creative battle strategy! SLG tactics and wide world map resources give you unlimited options
Strategy and timing will be the difference between victory and humiliating defeat. Time your moves just right and unleash your army’s true potential!

PvP Multiplayer Combat
Battle online with other players and prove your city and alliance are strongest
❤ Multiplayer battle arena – see who is the King or Queen after conquer the anime world.
❤ Online events for unique commanders & rare items are added frequently!

Manga Fans Will Love the Amazing Anime Art
Manga and anime fans – experience lovingly-crafted character designs rendered in gorgeous anime art
❤ girls commander and original anime style! Otaku and manga fans will feel right at home

Battle of Eden: Girls Frontier takes free strategy games to an amazing new level! Battle, collect and date in anime strategy games. Choose your side and build relationships with city themed unique commanders!

Battle me, Senpai! Download Battle of Eden: Girls Frontier and join in the strategy game anime tactics action today!

NOTICE: Items are available for purchase in the game.


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Latest Ratings

elux 1
Have been on this game for over a month now and there have been no updates for bug fixes despite numerous attempts from players to contact the developers. The parliament event has also just reset when we were told it was today. The messaging system is glitchy at best. Textures randomly dissappear. Marches go missing if you send multiple. Also the mods if any are about as responsive as a brick wall.
DJ 1
It's a great game, but it has it's issues. It's confusing at first. They don't tell you what does what. I just started playing and it says new players receive Las Vegas, but I can't get it. And when you Unite, it does no damage. It's a shame cuz it has really good characters and development, but I doubt it'll be fixed.
Akita 4
All great except when I play adventures my level some time decrease or when use item. IF CAN PLEASE FIX. I frustrated because waste item or time.
Sïlvër 1
The reason why I am so mad right now is becauss Strongest Commander is over and I still haven't received my 21th place rewards! Give me my rewards Already!
Francesco 3
Agree with other reviews. The game is confusing. I still haven't understand how to buy new evolvers. It says the mall but I don't see any mall in the city...
The graphics are ok and the gameplay and controls were good but it has a major glitch... I cant pass chapter 2 until I kill one wandering dead.... I killed em more thn 30 times now but still nothing and tht was yesterday but today I see no wandering deads at all pls fix it im falling behind my friends..
Jasiel 5
Pretty cool game. The developers groom Zombie Girls help make this game, you'll notice that it has most the characters from there.
Arthur 4
A slow and time consuming game, but you play at your own speed. No need to rush just sit back and enjoy.
Brokenskull666 2
If you're going to have a "click to advance" sort of button in the text boxes, then why the hell do you make it autoskip after two seconds? One makes the other pointless. Life happens, even when your generic base-development game is being played. I missed a bunch of the intro story since you made this amateur choice, but oh well. No big loss in my opinion. I don't really care if you fix this issue; despite the talented artwork i didn't see anything in the gameplay that i haven't seen in a couple dozen other games just like this, and i didn't see anything to make me want to go back to try to pick up the story again or continue playing. Pity, such great artwork and the effort to make it, wasted on such a run-of-the-mill, utterly generic game model.
KlNGx 3
Are you guys taking this serious? I tried that and didn't work you might wanna go back to the drawing board add fix these problems asap do not let this game die
yo I'm Sktfaker just saying that this game is good and just waiting for they said a new update,well hope i can play easily already with no freaking bugs,that's all

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