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Description & Details

Battle Me Senpai! Summon Cute Anime Girls in Real Time TCG Battles & RPG Action!

**Anime battle arena with cute girls as heroes, custom story line with outcomes you determine and PvP multiplayer card collecting battles – Cutie Raid is the best anime game of 2017!! hmm**

It has been 17 years since the wicked Orenda's Monster Army attacked the eden* city and dethroned the Queen. As Master, it is your mission to gather the brave and beautiful heroes of the Queen's bloodline to defeat Orenda and take back the city! Summon the Cuties' warrior souls from the Chronos Entrance and realize the Queen's dying wish!

Cutie Raid’s thrilling story mode, PvP arena games and TCG style card battles are sure to amaze you, with alluring anime art and an epic choose-your-own-adventure storyline. Collect, combine and summon cute anime girls to battle in an exciting TCG meets RPG adventure like none other!

Cutie Raid Features

Summon Cute Girls to Battle!
❤ Brave knights, ninjas, witches and more – Summon over 150 beautiful and powerful Heroes to battle on the frontier
❤ War is here! As Cutie Master, use battle tactics and special moves unique to each Hero and defeat your enemies
❤ Summoners battle with quick tap controls, amazing magic abilities and vicious monsters

Choose Your Story
❤ Story line and Cutie gameplay are completely dependent on your choices
❤ Story mode features tons of different outcomes and options. Choose your path and change your destiny

Dating Simulator Gameplay
❤ Anime romance is in the air! Increase your intimacy levels with Heroes and discover their unique story and true power
❤ Dating sim gameplay feeds into character growth, powering your Heroes up for battle
❤ Strengthen your bond with each Cutie by talking, steam baths, dinner and more!

Execute Strategy and Tactics
❤ Creative battle strategy! RPG tactics and thousands of battle skills give you unlimited options
❤ Strategy and timing will be the difference between victory and humiliating defeat. Time your taps just right and unleash your Cuties true potential!

PvP Multiplayer Combat
❤ Battle online with other players and prove your Cuties are strongest
❤ Multiplayer battle arena – see how your friends trained their Cuties and fight back
❤ Online events for unique Cuties & rare items are added frequently!

TCG RPG With Addictive Collecting Mechanics
❤ RPG card games with unique abilities for each Cutie
❤ Card collector? You’ll fall for our amazing Cutie cards. Collect them all to crush your enemies

Manga Fans Will Love the Amazing Anime Art
❤ Manga and anime fans – experience lovingly-crafted character designs rendered in gorgeous anime art
❤ Cute girls and original anime style! Otaku and manga fans will feel right at home

Cutie Raid takes free role playing games to an amazing new level! Battle, collect and date brave knights, powerful ninjas, devout nuns, whimsical witches and more in anime card games. Choose your story and build girls eden*with over 150 unique Cuties!

Battle me, Senpai! Download Cutie Raid and join in the slg card game ACG frontier wars today!

NOTICE: Items are available for purchase in the game.


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Latest Ratings

De 2
Hard to get new characters. Used more than 50 summon still don't get gold cuties. 350 hearts done for about 6 days and need 50 tributes to make 1 item which need 1500 stamina (30 for each tribute)
Michael 2
This game was originally called clash of cuties and had characters from queens blade, I cant belive these people shut and restart this game just for profit. Wasted time,wasted money. They still have dialogue from the original. SHAME! Love the game, but shady money stealing developers.
Joe 3
Would be better if you could level up easier, get your characters to level up easier. Made a legion and now somehow magically I am no longer the leader of the legion and have been taken over by the apparant strongest user on this app.
Aaron 4
Fix the portrait overlay. It ends and shows squareness at top when graphic should continue. I.e. the butt of sword was cut off etc... also, some broken English in there grammatically that needs to be fixed.
Dennis 4
Decent game. About the only issue I have is the leveling system. They should make it so either your player levels up easier or the cities can level up beyond player. Leveling up takes entirely too long, making it tough to enjoy the game
Cesar 1
Terrible, there is no way to contact GMs for support, I have a huge complaint, I used 1500 gems in the mystery wheel summon, in hopes to get the cutie I wanted, Joan of Arc, I got her, she was in my inventory so I used it, soon after she was gone from my inventory saddly noticed that nothing changed, Joan was not in my list of cuties. I gained nothing from using 1500 gems
Jeremiah 4
Very colorful and good story but it would be nice if it was more interactive with the characters and have an actual relationship with the cuties. Maybe have prince be a frontline character surrounded by beauties and depending on the cutie you pick to have a relationship with it give a different bonus and/or a special ability or maybe even so me kind of combo attack
hypotenoose 4
I like the game, it's one of few portrait RPGs which is neat. I do have a problem with the game implying it's full of cuties only to be full of cows. Please REDUCE the BREAST SIZES!!
Robin 1
BORING... such a slow start. Y'all have to figure out that kids have a short attention span and I'd like to think mine is decent but even I was tired of the intro. Ugh.
Harry 4
It's a it's a cute Chibi Anime game I'm on myself not really a big fan of Soul collecting just to get a character but it's like your game so I'm willing to give it a try but I have a feeling that getting a character it's going to be a lot more trouble than it's worth but I'm still willing to give it a fair chance so far good looking game cute
Keith 1
Be prepaired to lose your account and all the time you put into this gamr, burn this used to be cutie riot and erased my account to Just change its name to make money, lol dont buy anything your throwing it away and your time B8S


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