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Flight made simple: Use the Solo app with your 3DR Solo drone to get live HD video and fingertip access to Solo’s smart flight and camera features.

The Solo app is designed specifically for use with Solo and includes:

1. Live wireless HD view from your GoPro (required) and on-screen flight information
2. Access to flight settings and satellite map view
3. Smart Shots: one-touch cinematic shot creation
 • Cable Cam
 • Orbit
 • Follow
 • Selfie
5. In-app customer support lets you wirelessly submit service tickets
6. Wirelessly updates your entire Solo system

Learn more at http://3dr.com.

What You Can Do with the Solo App
The 3DR Solo app provides a user experience never before seen in a drone. A simple and streamlined mobile interface for aerial photography.
- Fingertip access to Solo’s flight features, including the automatic movie making power of Smart Shots
- Live HD feed from up to half a mile away
- In-app customer support via wireless connection for help when you need it and full flyaway replacement guarantee. (See 3dr.com/warranty for more information.)

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4.3 and up
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10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Edwin 2
6.0 updtae Video transmission stopped working I didnt want to update but samsung forced me to... Now its not working for the marshmallow version....it says connected, and my remote is connected to solo. But on the display it says im connected to the controller but not the solo... However, i can still operate and fly it around and still record using imaginary view finder. Please fix for 6.0
Logan 3
Great Start Overall a good experience. However there are a few bugs I'd like to see squashed that pop up on occasion. 1: finishing (clicking end) on a multipoint cable cam will sometimes cause the app's controls to not respond. To fix just close and relaunch the app. But then you have to set your cable up again. 2: when the controls freeze you cannot start or stop your gopro. Also, the gopro live feed HUD that tells you your film settings for your gopro is often misaligned on the screen.
Kent 4
New Solo User I'm having a blast with the Solo and was able to make decent videos on my inaugural flights. The instructional videos are very helpful. On the second day of flying, I tried the Orbit smart shot and had a frustrating experience. The app responsiveness dropped significantly and eventually the app crashed. The GoPro froze as well and required a cold start. I continued flying without the video feed for the sake of becoming more familiar with the controls. The buggy app needs to be improved for Androids.
Steve 3
Sad day… 3dr falling behind on solo app! Apple is getting all new feature, but not android! ! That sucks😡
Mac app is far better. Why? I use this drone for business, I don't have time for bugs in the app! I complained to tech support and was on the phone for hours starting and restarting EVERYTHING! I told the tech support guy about the reviews that said the app has bugs. He said he has not heard of such a thing. You can tell by the reviews below it's not just me. They replaced my drone, said it was the communications board but when I received my new drone it had the same problem! I bought a new iPad, loaded the app, and guess what... no problems! FYI, I am using a brand new tablet suggested by the company and the store. Also, this app worked fine BEFORE the update! Fix your app 3DR!
Mike 5
3DR Solo is the drone to get The app for this drone makes getting the shots you want possible. You can focus on framing your shots in adjusting the camera and not worry about where your drone is
Tyler 5
BEST DRONE AND BEST CAMERA GIMBAL ON THE MARKET!! Great job, 3DR SOLO Creating a drone so future accessories and parts and firmware updates and upgrades don't need a solo 234567 etc.... come on DJI GET IT RIGHT!
Tomasz 3
I'm not able to set maximum altitude and return to home altitude after update to 2.3.0
Faustinus 4
Loving this! The concept is simple, yet impressive. However, we need advanced control button for repositioning SOLO's direction while on flight. That is, to redirect the course FORWARD, BACKWARDS or SIDEWAYS (right or left). The default lights aren't enough support to define direction.
e 4
needs more features ! cool, but needs more features to be added!
Damon 3
Mission planner doesn't update. Also gopro feed is useless. It lags so much when the drone is more than 50ft away. It's gotten better over the year though... slowly.


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