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Build and manage your Assembly Line to make the most profit possible!

Assembly Line - Build and manage your assembly line!

Assembly Line combines elements from idle and tycoon games. You need to build the best assembly line in order to have the most profit possible. There're different types of machines that will help you achieve that, but you must use them strategically.

Become rich as you build the best assembly line ever! The plan is simple: Build resources and then sell them. Start with the initial machine and create basics resources, and use more advanced machines to craft and create more complex resources.

When you go offline the machines will keep working and still generate revenue, so when you come back you will have a pile of money to swim on it. Just like Scrooge Mcduck! :)

It is only up to you how much you can make, Assembly Line is an idle game, but with the combination of tycoon and strategy elements you have a lot of choices in how you will make money.

Assembly Line also offers you an information menu, where you can read information about each individual machine and resource to make the best decision on how you will set up your line.

• 12 different machines that will help you manage your assembly line!
• More than 40 different resources to make and sell!
• 20+ upgrades that will increase your profit!
• Buy different assembly lines, to increase your revenue!
• Earn money even when offline!
• Become rich as you build and manage the best assembly line!
• Not internet required.

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Jason 5
Suggestions: allow the game to run in the background while it is paused. Currently have to kill the app before it'll start the offline play. Not a big deal but I'd like to continue gaining resources if I quickly go to another app. Also, a great feature would be a current statistics window. It could show current total electricity costs per machine type per second, amount of resources generated per second, amount of crafted items per second, and money gained per second per item. It would allow you to see which items are more efficient.
Lukas 5
I love this game. Unfortunately if you advance to far the performance breaks heavily, because there is just too much going on {I'm on 10 assembly lines}. I'd love to see bigger areas (so I can build a super computer per tick) and maybe a multi selector splitter 3 way to make my lines even better. But all in all this game kept me busy for hours and I love it.
Brenten 3
It's an easy to play game. It does not required that much attention to the game. You're able hit pause at any time and the game can run in The background. The only problem is on older phones is that if you have too many assembly lines in, it may actually slow your phone down and drain additional power then what it needs. Otherwise this would be a great game. Therefore I have to give it an average.
Jordan 3
Fun game and really cool concept. Could definitely be refined further and it would get 5 stars. I'm finding an issue with the $/s tracker in game. Either the tracker is off or something in the game isn't right. I have 3 washers ($1100 each) being sold every 2 seconds. That's $1650/s. But the tracker is reading between $650-$1000/s. Which is not even close to what it should be...
Bryan 5
fun game, I've also seen user's suggestions added. no premium currency! ads are not forced, and in game payout for watching ads increases as you progress. suggestions for improvement. area select. 1 at a time takes awhile. copy/paste area and line. you could also change more for machines to make it more fair. erase assembly line shipping and receiving docks for moving stuff between lines customer contracts. this could make the game more engaging a forum to discuss the game. overall you have a good thing going here. I look forward to see where this goes
Robert 4
Lost a lot of actual productivity making my fake assembly lines as productive as possible, loved every second. You can also make a simple but effective line, then leave it for a few days to make bank (assembly line keeps making money even while the phone is off). 4/5 because I lost all my progress by accident.
Alex 5
This game is great. It's a ton of fun if you enjoy planning, automation and complex building. I was totally addicted, but after building my supercomputer factory I'm kinda waiting for more content, recipes, or challenges. 2 thoughts - the control responsiveness and ui could use a bit of love, and sometimes the game randomly lags out until I restart. All in all though, I love it - 5 stars.
WeeklyGamesandMore 5
Well it's a lot better because it doesn't glitch my money anymore. But like I said I want more filtered/timed machines like a timed robotic arm. If you add this and more then I'll give this a perfect rating 👌. Overall I love this game it's just that it doesn't have enough features please add this later. And if you do actually listen to me then thank you. 👍. Bye Bye!!!
Jake 4
I love the idea of this game. The mechanics work really well and it has a lot of potential, but the balance needs a lot of work and I would like to see the controls improved. There's no clear progression through the game, as many of the checkpoints can be passed by just ignoring the game for a couple weeks. If machines required parts made by the assembly line, this could be easily assuaged. I would also like some quality of life changes to some of the menus and controls. Just don't make me click quite so many buttons. Utilize some if the dragging/multi touch/long click abilities afforded with touch screens.
Richie 4
Everything is good except for my previous complaints. But this type of game would be better off as floors in a building versus just a new line. Each line would be a floor. I have 4 lines right now that would be 4 floors. And would be better off with a single built in seller that shows how much each item is being sold for on a chart on the side. Like have the seller on the ground outside the building and have all the floors empty out on to a chute that delivers it to the seller.
Adam 5
Hey, great game! Only one suggestion: you should allow for some sort of cosmetic improvements to the assembly line. Like making the floor a different color, or something like that. I think it'd add a lot more character and color to the game. (Ik it's an assembly line and all, but you dont gotta be that realistic :P)

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