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Build and manage your Assembly Line to make the most profit possible!

Assembly Line - Build and manage your assembly line!

Assembly Line combines elements from idle and tycoon games. You need to build the best assembly line in order to have the most profit possible. There're different types of machines that will help you achieve that, but you must use them strategically.

Become rich as you build the best assembly line ever! The plan is simple: Build resources and then sell them. Start with the initial machine and create basics resources, and use more advanced machines to craft and create more complex resources.

When you go offline the machines will keep working and still generate revenue, so when you come back you will have a pile of money to swim on it. Just like Scrooge Mcduck! :)

It is only up to you how much you can make, Assembly Line is an idle game, but with the combination of tycoon and strategy elements you have a lot of choices in how you will make money.

Assembly Line also offers you an information menu, where you can read information about each individual machine and resource to make the best decision on how you will set up your line.

• 12 different machines that will help you manage your assembly line!
• More than 40 different resources to make and sell!
• 20+ upgrades that will increase your profit!
• Buy different assembly lines, to increase your revenue!
• Earn money even when offline!
• Become rich as you build and manage the best assembly line!
• Not internet required.

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Lukas 5
I love this game. Unfortunately if you advance to far the performance breaks heavily, because there is just too much going on {I'm on 10 assembly lines}. I'd love to see bigger areas (so I can build a super computer per tick) and maybe a multi selector splitter 3 way to make my lines even better. But all in all this game kept me busy for hours and I love it.
Bryan 5
fun game, I've also seen user's suggestions added. no premium currency! ads are not forced, and in game payout for watching ads increases as you progress. suggestions for improvement. area select. 1 at a time takes awhile. copy/paste area and line. you could also change more for machines to make it more fair. erase assembly line shipping and receiving docks for moving stuff between lines customer contracts. this could make the game more engaging a forum to discuss the game. overall you have a good thing going here. I look forward to see where this goes
Martijn 4
It's a fun little sandbox engeneering game but it just lacks some things. Could be more awesome if everything was more optimized, like production cost vs splitters and filters. The robot arms in my opinion are too slow to transfer which makes them inefficient. Same for the starters spitting out 3 pieces but we only have a 2 way splitter. Last update included a 3 way splitter!!! This game keeps getting better & better!, lower the energy cost of the splitters and raise the energy cost of starters to try to build more efficient layouts, and someway to dump my billions could also be nice.
david 4
Love this game, glad it's gets updated. as of the last update, you can change the amount of material that comes out of the starters. I was thinking you should make it so the starters use less energy depending on the amount of material, othwise limiting the material to match your setup just feels like you're not being effecient Are you thinking of replacing it with something else?
Brian 4
This game is really good, just a few minor (doable) steps away from being great. The menus feel a little un-polished, maybe icons to show the devices being upgraded or developed? But the big thing for me would be more complex blueprints. The higher end blueprints (tablet, microwave, computer, etc.) IMO should be using other blueprint creations as ingredients, instead of more raw materials. Other than these points, it's excellent.
Joshua 3
So this game is great. I love it. When I first started playing it was something I could really get into. Then an update came along with was fantastic. I'm glad the devs are still working on it. However... The update caused all my starters to reset to 1 and my splitters to reset to 1. Changing focus from one assembly line to another also resets my starters. They also reset to 1 randomly when I start up the game. This bug also minor, is very annoying as I have to keep checking all my starters and splitters which when your assembly line is large takes up a lot of time.
Jonathan 2
It looks like it could be really good. The only problem is the sell cost of items makes complex machines pointless. Just selling raw materials, then wire then pressed plates only, is really simple and makes more money per second than even solar panel crafting. The sell cost of crafted items needs a x10 bump to even consider it. Then you want to consider the idea of items going up and down based on consumer demand.
Selena 3
It's a really fun concept, and I love that it's simple but complex, but it needs a bit of work. -Pausing is buggy. When I pause an assembly line, it doesn't hold if I move to another assembly line. It also causes some production errors when it starts back up without being told to. -Some statistics functions would be nice, being able to see output over time, with flow charts would be amazing. The snapshot output/s is kinda useless once you get into high level items. -The button to change the number of resources the starter produces does not work, for me at least.
W 5
Fun game, but: 1. My overhead costs are starting to severely hinder my profit and I feel kinda left in the dark as a player on how to make my lines more cost efficient. Some examples of machine sets beside the screenshots on the goigle play page would be helpful. 2. It would be very helpful and not game-breaking if I could clone/save/move sets of machines and easily rotate them in order to replacate and be efficient with space. 3. When i have a assembly line completely full, the game's performance is severely bogged down on my LGg6.
Jeremy 4
Highly addictive. The game needs an update. The starters lose their memory every time you come back. They forget how many elements they're supposed to make and they default to 1. Takes awhile to set everything back up again. Also it would be helpful to have a title bar at the top of every assembly line so you know where you are.
Cody 4
I'm surprised by how addicted I am to this game! It's simple to learn, but beautifully complex the longer you play! The ads are not bad at all, and the reward is always worth it, in my opinion. My only complaint is that as you get bigger and more complex assembly lines, the game lags quite terribly; especially on the crafter blueprint selection menu. Fixing this would make the game perfect!

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