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Description & Details

The classic magical puzzle game is the best and totally free, adventure, offline

Magic Jewels Legend: Match 3 Games is a fun and exciting game.

The puzzle game has great graphics and sound that fits all smartphones and tablets dedicated to the Google Play store.

Step into the game you have to solve the magic puzzles, unlock the levels and really be no small challenge for your brain.

Enjoy the fun hours in this game that connects the magical magical objects of witches and wizards and be careful you can be addictive with this particularly interesting game.

On the way to the game you may be a bit scared with Halloween is magical space and magical spells and wizards filled with magic.

Do not be afraid to use items in the game like skulls, pumpkins, hats, mushrooms, moons, poisonous apples, poisonous spiders, witches to shoot the ball and win.

Each time you match more than 3 items of the same type, or more advanced items such as Magic Fire, Crystal Ball and Magic Book will create an explosion to destroy items and new items.
Let's combine the items to create awesome explosions and pass all levels!

Explore the magical world of Magic Jewels Legend: Match 3 Games includes the Witch city, magic school, castle, hills, waterfall, cemetery, haunted house, graveyard, island, cave…

----------------- How to play --------------------

- Find and swap or merge 3 or more magic items to complete a valid step

- Receive free daily bonus & gift and dimond dash free gift.

- Defeat the enemy by combining items

- Create powerful combos by combining more than three magic items

- Train your brain daily with over 1000 levels with increasing difficulty.

Join this mysterious and adventurous adventure with this special adventure game.

- Play your way to match the magic world of Magic Jewels Legend: Match 3 Games

Use the right items in the Halloween shop like skulls, pumpkins, poison apples ... to clear the board

- Connect facebook to check your progress through the rankings, connect online to know that your friends are also playing and at what level.

- Special play: Super hard is good for your brain to function best.

You can download free games and play offline games completely because this is not an online game.

- When playing a game, you also have to have rational tactics to not spend your time and completely immersive character

- You can play games anywhere, anytime, even when you're digging gold, playing sports, on the bus, playing cards, on the airplane or on a train.
You can play the game while you are cooking or in the office, racing or soccer, shooting or martial arts, kung fu training can play the game whenever you want.

- Game for all ages from male or female, old or young, boy or girl, adult or children, over 18 and under 18 can play and feel full of fun.


- Magic Book: Created by matching 5 items Combine it with an item to destroy all matching items
- Magic Combo: Start level with Magic Fire and combine Crystal Ball
- Wizard Spell: Deletes all items of the game
- Free movement: Move an item freely even without a suitable item
- Magic Broom: Scan an item from the game
- Magic Wand: Select 8 connected items to destroy them
- Magic Clock: Use to track time and diamond classic to complete the table.
Wait until you do not download Magic Jewels Legend: Match 3 Games on your phone.

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Latest Ratings

Carolyn 3
like i said in the past the reason for the three star's is because of the ignoring back to back ads after ever level. just ridiculous and yes the game have potential but the ads just takes the fun away even though we know you need them but it doesn't have to be after every single level this is very inconsiderate thinks any way developers
Sommer 5
Awesome colors and graphics! Just downloaded and addicted to this game! I have encountered no problems with this app! Glad I found this one!
Really enjoying the game till level 35 like freezes in a way and I'm unable to move my pieces in the puzzle however everything else works fine at that point. Brought and used spell things but unless u gotta lot of em to throw away it's wasteful when u should easily move 1 piece and be just as effective if not more. First issue iv ran into but big enough error I couldn't give a 5 * rating.
A little better than some of the games I have played.
Thanks for making the game it's fun to play and the colors are Brite and pretty. I like the game. January 01 2018. Belinda Lattea. Thank you for the amazing game.
Tiaun 3
Its a good game lots of other video tho but its ok game so far
Mark 5
Adverts adverts adverts but still i play must be a good game
Doris 5
Just started playing like it so far.
Cathy 5
Different, challenging an sooo addictive
Deanna 4
Just started playing so right now I gave the game four.
michelle 3
You need a lot of helpof making this a good game


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