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Follow the latest football news from your favourite team, all while saving data

Opera News is a news app with a powerful recommendation engine to keep you on top of all the things you love to read. Opera News delivers a variety of trending news and entertaining videos and gets smarter with each use.

In addition to delivering great content, Opera News can also save up to 80% of your data use thanks to our unique turbo engine. Try Opera News and spend less time searching for news and following your favourite football team, all while saving data!


• Follow your favourite football team:
Stay on top of all of latest sports and entertainment news with updates from Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and all of the hottest celebrities.

• Personalized news:
Real-time, AI-curated news delivered to you. The more you use Opera News, the better it becomes. Get the information that interests you the most.

• Data savings
Save up to 80% of your data with our unique turbo engine.

• Offline reading:
Download your favorite stories while on Wi-Fi and enjoy your reading later without internet connection.

• Save your favorites:
Bookmark good finds and save articles to read later, even when offline!

• Real-time intelligent ranking:
Every refresh of your news channels will show the latest content that matters to you. Never miss out on what’s important!

• Top news:
Twenty popular topics - like entertainment, economy, finance, business, technology, science, sports, travel, fashion and politics - all delivered by the top global and national media outlets.

• Videos:
A collection of the latest entertaining and viral videos for you to enjoy.

• News Push notification:
Get critical, breaking news alerts pushed directly to your home screen.

End User Terms:
By downloading and/or using this product, you acknowledge and agree to the end user license agreement at https://www.operasoftware.com/eula/mobile and the Privacy Statement at https://www.opera.com/privacy.

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Yaw 1
I don't think we needed this new update. The old opera app was working well fr me until u guys decided to complicate things which franky, i dislike. U should have just built on the same app instead of creating another one. Things are messed up now
Eunice 1
Its a very bad app. It does not allow u to search for the news you want to read hence make you to scroll up and down looking for the headline you saw on the main opera,and the other thing is that most of the time pipo read the new just when they are browsing some other things but it is now inconviniencing to go to opera news just to finish the news you started reading from the main opera. I downloaded the opera news but its a waste of data.
Inga 1
What's the point of having two apps from Opera while one Opera app can perform all the functions perfectly? This opera news app is a stupid idea. I mean nowadays people prefer one app that does everything. Uninstalled the opera news already, it even offer old news. It's a matter of finding an alternative before I uninstall even the Opera mini browser on my phone.
Sunita 1
Horrible app, I already downloaded opera mini, why do I have to be forced to download this horribly written app that does not show an article to its end, does not have a search feature and shows old news over and over and over again? Developers should be weary of getting greedy... It's a better idea to have a large pool of consumers download one thing than to piss a lot off and end up with only a few people downloading two apps... logically it just doesn't make sense...
sekitto 1
Most stupid app I have ever seen. Provocatively time wasting. You can't find the news you like, no search engine making it stupid. There should be a campaign to abandoned both the app and opera browsers. They have truly ruined a good browser with all the redundancy and annoying news that you can't read.
I don't see the point of downloading the app. I prefer the normal opera mini. This just seems like a way to make money off the downloads as its similar to opera mini just with less features. Waste of time and data.
I don't know why we have to download this, I used to enjoy using the normal app but now I can't read any news without seeing "download opera mini news to read more" pfft! Very frustrating.. I might as well quite it
bruce 2
I can't search for articles, most news articles that pop up are old and from a very few sources. I prefer the original opera. Too bad I can't read full articles there anymore ☹️☹️
agbi 2
Why are there two opera mini app. This new one is frustrating I can't save images I have to screenshot it and the old one I can't fully read the article without "download opera news now" I downloaded d opera news I don't like it and the article that I save on the old opera mini cannot be used or read in the opera news. Instead what you guys should have done was to enable us download the latest update of opera mini not to download a different app entirely. I consider opera mini as my best browser but with this u hv fall my hand. Am dissapointed
Felix 1
Totally unnecessary. Why the duplication.. Is the Nigerian money factor behind this I'll thought idea... U guys should review your position.. It is a lazy move just for money.. U should instead channel ur energies into diversifying into other areas.. And stop being out and out for money.. U should add values
Adaptivefever 1
Hate it. The best thing about opera mini was the fact that it was convenient.. i could get all the latest news and browse the internet in one place. With the introduction of this pointless second app i can only now skim through articles on the main app. Im all for the change but this is a pointless move by the developers still love the main app though so not all doom and gloom

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