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Anomaly Report is part of the Holoradix Comics series, a brand new comic series for Android and iOS released by Overactive Ink. This is a text and traditional image backgrounder for the Comic Universe.

"The Anomaly Report" is a report by "Dr. Eddy (The Teacher) Snowden", and is his attempt to bring to the attention of humanity the existence of a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy. This app gives an introduction to the Holoradix Universe, describes the various forces and factions therein, and sheds some light on what's really going on in the universe where our comic series takes place.  

The "Anomaly Report" by Eddy (The Teacher) Snowden is completely free to download and read. After reading the Anomaly Report, please take a look at "Holoradix 0 - Jason Crost", the first story in the Holoradix series!


- Original background story for the Holoradix universe, a must have for all Holoradix fans!
- Read as a regular comic with fullscreen pages or a panel by panel motion comic.
- Original music and sound tracks!
- Get a free glimpse into the Holoradix Universe


Imagine that all of the conspiracy theories floating around on the Internet are true;  Ancient technological civilizations built the pyramids, space travel existed eons ago, the fabric of reality allows for magic through quantum cognition and the quantum observer effect, secret societies in league with ancient civilizations (and others) control the world from the shadows and reality itself isn’t even what it appears to be.  What you imagine wouldn't be so far from the Holoradix universe, where our stories take place. 

The word "holoradix" comes from the latin roots "holo", the 'entire', 'complete', 'exhausive' and "radix", meaning 'roots'.  So the word literally means the holistic roots.  Think of this word as invoking everything that preceeds something else. This single word invokes the big bang, God, and questions beyond these concepts. 

"Underneath the perception of the common people, exists a second civilization. There are literally two systems coexisting within the same space and time. One of those systems is what you recognize as normal reality. When you look closely enough, and follow the patterns of it's duplicity, you will begin to see that there is another system, another entire civilization, existing underneath it, in the shadows. The Underworld." - from "Anomaly Report" by Eddy (The Teacher) Snowden . 


Excerpt from "Anomaly Report" by Eddy (The Teacher) Snowden: 
"The underworld is not in harmony with itself, it is factionalized and feudal in it's operation. Factions compete with each other, trying to advance faster then others, attain more power and ultimately, control. The members of these factions aren't always even recognizably the same races. That portion of the underworld that overlaps with the common civilization look very human indeed, and some participants are recruited from the common people. However, there have been many cycles of civilization and many of the factions have roots in one or another ancient civilization that once controlled the surface of the earth. These bloodlines are not always recognizably human, as often they went underground, or under the oceans, or off-world in order to survive the violence of the surface of our earth, and as they adapted they changed. 

These truths form the whole history, the entire roots of your reality. Welcome to Holoradix." 


Overactive Ink is an interactive media company creating captivating and immersing experiences through apps, games, and educational tools for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. 

Combining traditional hand drawn illustrations and animation with advanced technology, our artists and engineers share their passion for art by bringing ancient stories, folklore, and fairytales to life. 

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Richard 3
Little content Awesome idea but this is really just an intro not the first issue. I don't feel this is enough to draw me in and make me want to pay for the rest.

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