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A ground-breaking aurora forecast app with the most features and tools. 😀

AuroraCast is the most fully featured aurora forecast, northern lights, and southern lights app available for mobile devices. AuroraCast is an accurate and powerful aurora borealis forecast app, but there's many more features found inside that you won't find in any other aurora forecast app! Some features include KP + Magnetic field info, Light Pollution Map, Cloud Cover Map, Northern Lights Webcams, Weather Forecast, Aurora Alerts, Live Aurora Map, Sun & Moon Information, Widgets, and more! Scroll down to see a detailed summary of the most important features in AuroraCast:

Live KP & Magnetic Field Info
Only the best information and data for the hardcore aurora borealis hunter. Get a fast-loading and accurate KP value indicator to know when the aurora borealis will be active. AuroraCast also has live magnetic field info such as Bz, Density, and Speed!

Aurora Forecast
Unleash the power of easy to read graphs to see a forecast of realistic and potential KP values over the next few hours. Always know when the best days and times will be to see the Northern Lights & Southern Lights. Leverage the power of 3-day and 27-day KP forecasts.

Advisories and alerts from the Space Weather Prediction Center
See the most recent advisories and alerts from the space weather prediction center about solar flares, geomagnetic activity, radio emissions, and more!

Light Pollution Map*
The integrated Light Pollution Map helps you find the darkest places near you for the best viewing of the aurora borealis, and the night sky. Our light pollution map has global coverage and is the most detailed and accurate light pollution map available.

Live Northern Lights Webcams
Watch live northern lights webcams from around the world, in one quick and convenient location.

Live Aurora Map
See where the best viewing of the aurora borealis currently is on our live aurora map. Our aurora map supports both Northern Lights and Southern Lights!

Prefer using widgets to get quick information? In AuroraCast, we have 3 types of widgets that show live aurora information, magnetic field information, darkness countdown timer, cloud coverage, and outdoor temperature! With a quick glance to your android home screen, you will know if it's a good time to go outside and see the aurora borealis!

Cloud Cover Map*
Before you even step outside, you will know if the aurora will even be visible at all and not obscured by heavy cloud coverage.

Cloud coverage, temperature, precipitation, humidity, fog, and more!

Alerts and Push Notifications*
Configure the app to send you alerts for when the aurora is visible at your location, and/or when global geomagnetic activity is high! Never miss the aurora again!

Sun & Moon Info
Get Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset times; as well as the Moon's phase!

SOHO Sun Images
See live images of the Sun in different spectrums and wavelengths from NASA's SOHO.

In-App Help & Support
Get help, when you need it.

And a lot more!

*Some features above are not available in the free version and may require an additional in-app purchase to AuroraCast Pro. AuroraCast Pro is a one time purchase of $5.99 USD and helps us to keep this great app running. The northern lights are beautiful and fantastic to witness.

APIs Used:
Dark Sky
Space Weather Prediction Center

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4.4 and up
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10000 - 50000
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Shane 5
Great working app and also brilliant support from the developer. Very quick responses and fixes to any issues. Worth paying the reasonable price for the work gone in
James 5
Fantastic app! One of the best user interfaces I've encountered. Easy to use, well layed out and very comprehensive. Well done!
Justine 1
Was working but as soon as I paid for premium (after the latest update) it started giving server errors and won't update location. Disappointing.
Alan 5
Really useful and informative especially if your heading somewhere to see the aurora.
Jane-marie 4
It's a very good app but is let down by continual server error especially with the maps.
Liam 1
The widgets aren't fixed and to top it all off now the app will not even open. What is my money being used for?
Ole 2
Unable to start the app on my Xperia XZ1. Stuck with annoying greyed out screen explaining the Kp. Unable to close this and start the app.
Anete 2
Unable to use the app because the tutorial explaining the meaning of KP won't close and there's no button to dismiss it. What do I do?
Dan 1
yes I do know my stuff, and if I had an interest in developing an app for Aurora Borealis locations and viewing I would do it. But my interest is mainly in following Google developer guidelines using modern systems and ways to develop an app and using an up-to-date permissions model.but I'm trying to help you I'm not trying to hurt you rather than insult me just make the changes that everyone wishes that you would make and your app would be a lot better and more usable and more download it then all of the other Aurora apps out there. My Aurora Forecast - Aurora Alerts Northern Lights: that app is a good example of how to allow users to enter in a specific area as opposed to demanding that they always have their phone location on tap, completely unnecessary. Ya, about location permission for weather info: I use Weather Underground and it does not require location permission at all, I can put it in the ZIP code or I can give it location permission. I choose to give it location permission, but Weather Underground and in fact no other weather app including Weather Underground crashes because you decide not to give it permission for location. No you are wrong ,your app does not need permission for location in order to run properly. as a matter of fact many complain that your app won't work alongside other weather apps when it should. There's no reason why it can't. The OK button you speak of in order to get rid of the green transparency KP definition does not exist. And because of the way the permissions are being asked the old Lolipoo security model , to stay active in the developer Community you're going to need to start using the marshmallow/nougat permissions API. No one will argue that an app that is using an old security permissions model won't run in nougat that isn't the argument the argument is you using an old permissions model and that's enough to get you kicked out of the developer Community especially if you're going to try to do it do anything in oreo, you're actually going to have to commit to using the more modern permissions model so you might as well get used to it and do it now. I didn't say I was getting any errors I said it fails in nougat. App crashes if you don't allow location permission. We don't need to give it permission we should be able to enter in a zip code or what three words location at any point at any time. I might not care if there's a world Borealis activity near me I might want to know where is occurring at some other location so I should not have to give the app permission to always know where my phone is. When I do allow location permission they have doesn't crash but it just hangs on this weird white letters on green transparency covering the actual app and there's no way to close that whatever it is window.
Sebastian 1
Some functions don't work others are not accurate. When I updated, the pro version was gone. Be careful
Nicholas 5
Great app. Information is very good. Having paid for the upgrade version I found some of the features didn't work, such as widgets. However I uninstalled and reinstalled. That has fixed everything.

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