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Automatically turn WiFi on and off on your phone only at places you trust.

My WiFi Places is the most practical and non-intrusive application you can use at your convenience if you forget to turn off WiFi on your phone when you leave home or other places. It may conveniently toggle the WiFi setting on and off in your phone or tablet based on where you are (your location).

If you are annoyed by going to places offering free WiFi, but paid Internet access like shopping malls and clubs, but you do not want to use it, then My WiFi Places may keep your phone’s WiFi off. There are no annoying advertisements, no in-app purchases draining your wallet and your battery, no location tracking. My WiFi Places communicates only with Google Maps and Google Places to display your saved places to you or to fine tune them. We do not collect your location data or places you visited. We respect your privacy.

Cruise Mode at your convenience:
Cruise Mode is for devices using a wireless hot-spot provided either by another phone or a WiFi router. This is especially useful on trains, airplanes, cruise ships, vehicles or practically anywhere else where you access the Internet through a WiFi hot-spot while continuously moving. It can also come in handy if you want to share your phone’s WiFi in your car. Children can watch videos, listen to music, or browse the Internet from their tablets while traveling, or use the vehicle's Internet connection for the same reason. When you disconnect from the hot-spot, it may turn off your phone’s WiFi.

On cruise ships, trains, or tour buses, you will need to enable or re-enable Cruise Mode when you board or re-board the vehicle. You can enable Cruise Mode when you visit a coffee shop or a pub and want to use their wireless hot-spot, but you don’t want to save the location.

You can use Cruise Mode in hotels too, if you are just staying for a short time and do not want to save the place. If you save a hotel/venue location, then the WiFi in your phone could be turned off when you leave the hotel and your phone disconnects from the wireless hot-spot. Conversely, it may turn on when you enter the range again. So, you can seamlessly enjoy the hotel's Internet service as you come and go.

This application is intended to be almost invisible and will require nearly zero attention once you set up your saved places. The goal is for the application to work for you quietly instead of keeping you busy, so you can focus on things that are more important to you. The interface is minimalistic for the sake of functionality, as we want you to spend as little time maintaining and updating as possible.

Range is the distance you allow between the wireless hot-spot and your device. When you pass the outer threshold of this range, My WiFi Places turns on the WiFi in your phone to make it ready for a connection. If you are not in range of any of your saved places then it turns off the WiFi in your phone.

It is important to know you must run the My WiFi Places application and enable it manually after it is installed, as it will not start automatically unless you allow it to. Once you allow it to run, it will start immediately and also run automatically after a boot or reboot of your device. If you disable it on the user interface, then it will stop and will not start after boot until you enable it again. This is designed to give you full control over My WiFi Places and make your own decision to enable it at any time you wish. You do not have to uninstall it in case of unforeseen reason, usually related to some situations it is not prepared for.

My WiFi Places requires a properly working GPS in your device. Android OS may suspend My WiFi Places’ functions if your phone is configured that way.

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License Agreement:
By downloading this application you agree to the End User License Agreement, located at

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