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The room escape episode game with ancient Chinese mythology, choose your story

One painting,One relationship.
If the person you love turns back on you,how do you face.
Your insist,your hope.Will it be a happy ending?
illusion and reality,who's your choice.

Beautiful game scenes, vivid weather effects, wonderful music.
A large number of puzzles, from simple to difficult, suitable for all types of players.
Playing the piano, fishing, archery, fighting, a variety of gaming experience.
You can collect a variety of mini games. Let the whole process lively and interesting.
The game has six chapters of the story line. A variety of outcomes

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Cathie 4
Beautiful, would rate 5 starts except the lovely atmosphere gets destroyed by 5+ second ads all over the middle of a chapter, just as you are looking around. Turn a corner too often, watch another ad. I'm fine for free apps to make money but there has to be a better way to place the ads so they don't ruin what is a very lovely game. I'm about to start chapter 3, and I've already come very close to just giving up, solely because of the ads. You can cancel after about 5 seconds but it just really spoils the whole atmosphere. I'd prefer banner ads, or longer ads between chapters, not every few minutes or 10 steps or whatever it is. Otherwise, the art is lovely, and gameplay is challenging but not impossible. Good hint system. SUGGESTION: Little confused on names, and the plot, since you only see it once. Maybe you can add a "the story so far" page so we can re-read it? Especially for those of us who play over several days.
Rain 3
The game is abit too hard without any clear indications. Alot of random clicking had to be done as the items we have to find are all hidden in small corners and hard to actually click on it as the whole graphics are too dark .
Line 1
Advertising is just insane! Long video ads, one almost right after the other (actually it did happen that I had to watch 2 in a row!). I saw others complaining about it too, but your reply said that you were going to reduce ads so I took a chance to download your app but had to uninstall within 5 min. Hell with the rest of it!
Eliza 5
Love the story, art, gameplay, however some of the English is awkward grammatically, but excellent game!!! The pictures for the hints though somewhat give away the locations of where to do things without having to actually buy the hints
Jo 2
Too much random clicking, can't tell what are the items are. Uninstalled, disappointed as it looked really good.
Shania 5
It's kind of difficult when you don't know where to click next, overall, it's challenging.
Rachel 3
This game feels like it's working against the player and doesn't want to be solved...
Emma 5
It is really dificult but can also be mindless
Divya 5
Amazing Game.Just need options to get more hint.Some mini games are little difficult
TheCloudDistrict 5
Art style is amazing and gets tho the point quickly.
Yun 4
It's great overall, but I think the translation needs more improvement...with good grammar, sentence structure and etc.


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