Prison Escape:Pretty Girl's High School Escape

Prison Escape:Pretty Girl's High School Escape








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New Escape The Room Games, Can You Escape the High School Prison?

Cleaning the classroom after school and preparing to go home, but........ But...... Why did there is a strange man in here?! Now I'm the only one at school, and I have to rush out of this school.I don't want to be caught....

Classic chamber escape game,.Escape from the school after school, and avoid the uncle of the chase.

Ten well-designed game levels
Ten beautiful game scenes
Diverse and interesting game puzzle
Relax and immerse yourself.

Can you escape again?

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Latest Ratings

Kawai 3
Its very confusing and complicated. The characters are nice enough, but the storyline is unclear, and the end is a cliffhanger... or at least I think so, I was too confused by it to know of it was or wasn't. Its very easy to get stuck on the levels, so I recommend people to search up tutorials on YouTube (how I got past every shucking level)
Aalihya 3
Just, alot of hard puzzles and the clicking control is off... it also only gives you a hint if you comment... I can't get passed the chisel either... but i kept trying... it's interesting I'll give it that.
Richard 2
Way too many adverts - I don't mind adverts in a free game but this felt like every couple of clicks. Also, many of the puzzles felt illogical. Plus the graphics were too small to play comfortably on a phone.
Mac 2
Great game but the puzzles make no sense... There is no answer as to why you get what you get.. like level 5 the animal puzzle and the hint answer makes no sense.. even the hint can't explain why the code is what it is.. seems that it makes no sense so you buy tips..
Luma 2
No context. Stiff controls. Hard puzzles and the game only give hints after you review it. Here. You. Go
M 3
It's a little confusing. There's no real "hints" at what I should do without looking at the free hints guide. It would be nice if I could figure what to do on my own.
Alondra 3
I'm going to tell the truth, I only did this for clues. (Btw don't pay attention to my ratings I just started I would not know )
The puzzle difficulty jumps drastically and having to leave a review to get a free hint is a smart business plan. The game challenges me. Makes me think more. Love it
Trinity 3
You cant get hints unless you pay, which i think is a little unfair to ppl who dont have money but want to play this free app. Not a lot of ppl will be interested in purchasing hints. I mean, i didnt even get a hint from commenting.
Mika 3
The puzzles are pretty hard. I can usually beat these games within the first five minutes but not this one... It intriguing.
Kellie 3
The game is making me give a comment so that I can get a free hint, I don't have an opinion on it yet.

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