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Wordscapes uncrossed is the sequel to word game played by over 10 million people

Love word puzzle games?

Exercise your brain with over 3,000 challenging anagram word puzzles. Tap into your word unscramble smarts to unlock new levels with ever-more challenging puzzles and build your word game skill! How far will you go?

This modern word unscramble game is a joy to play! You will be amazed at how many words you can find in 5, 6, and 7 letters.

Play with friends and show them how inspiring you are! How many new puzzles can you unlock?

Everyone needs a break from life every now and again. A quick word quiz is a great way to escape boredom while also keeping your brain sharp! Wordscapes Uncrossed is the best word game to relieve stress while solving fun word puzzles. Download Wordscapes Uncrossed and enjoy beautiful and relaxing backgrounds while also exercising your brain!

► Explore wonderful landscapes and challenge your mind!
► Solve over 3,000 word puzzles!
► Starts easy but ramps up fast! Can you beat the game?

Wordscapes Uncrossed is the latest new word game from PeopleFun, the makers of Wordscapes, Word Chums, Word Flowers, Word Mocha, Spell Blitz and MixTwo, played by millions.

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Latest Ratings

Debbie 5
Absolutely love it!! Graphics are amazing and I didn't have to play 20 levels for it to get interesting. Also, you put the words in alphabetical order (I delete the games right away that don't). So excited! I play the Wordscapes Crosswords but didn't know you had this game until tonight. Thanks.....now I'll be up half the night!
Too many LONG video ads in between each puzzle and level. I play the crossword version of this app/game- and love it. But the ads on this one are just way too obnoxious and frequent. I get *especially* irritated at those full-screen video ads that hold you hostage for 30 seconds or more before you can continue playing OR back out of the screen. Uninstalling.
Thomas 5
Great game, some ads freeze the game because videos don't load.. but a quick restart solves that.. No penalties for wrong words. Interface is nice and easy to pick up and play with. Replay ability might be low, but I haven't finished it yet.. I like the daily puzzle, the butterflies are challenging to get. Not much use for coins...
Autumn 3
Game is fine. I paid the $3 for no ads.... Worth it. What upsets me is sometimes you don't get coins when you make extra words. Ex: If no 5 letter words on board, game doesn't give you credit for coming up with 5 letter words. Yet, that's how we earn coins! Dumb
Diane 5
Very addictive and can be quite challenging in places. Still get a little upset we have to pay to get rid of those annoying ads but i guess you have to make some money somewhere but its become practically a given in most games. I have to get rid of them as my eyes can't cope with the extra movement on the screen, plus they are so distracting and can interrupt your game play. Still a 5 for me though😁
dianna 2
I don't like that some levels dont let you use all the words. Instead of making a part two, they should have just added more levels to the 1st one. Why give me 5 letters if I'm only allowed to use 4? Very annoying.
Nancy 2
I was enjoying this until the past few days when the ads won't close.... on most of the ads, there is no longer an x to close it so I have to choose the whole app. Until this is fixed, I won't play. I won't pay to remove ads - I did that with words scapes and it was fine but I ran out of levels within a couple of months so won't do that with this app
Cynthia 5
The graphics are stunning and I love the challenging gameplay. Not sure why there are complaints about the ads, just pay the 3 dollars and the ads are gone problem solved. This is by far the best word game out there and I am hooked!
Love the nature backgrounds BUT HATE the way your ads open up another page to download. If I want to download a new app then I will, but your forcing apps put me off. I do understand and do not mind that you have ads, but yours are becoming annoying and attempt to manipulate . Do sort them out. It is not acceptable, and makes me wish to uninstall you. Therefore sadly you only merit a one star.
Casey 5
Installed a half hour ago and I'm addicted. Great game. Have to buy. The ads are annoying.
Chris 5
Update, Apple got the update a day or so later, were back to playing together again. Loved this game, until it updated to uncrossed. Used to do the daily puzzle every night with my wife she has apple, i have android, she has an iphone hers didn't update, now they're different. Very disappointed.

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