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Collect and Upgrade your Heroes to fight back the Hollow in this Brand New RPG!

Enter the world of Portal Quest, the next generation of RPG mobile games! Gather and lead your team of battle-ready Heroes to protect against a corrupt force! The Hollow is poised to take over the World as you know it. It’s up to your team to wage through battles to hold the Hollow back. Your enemies will only get tougher so assembling the best team of battle-ready Heroes is essential. Summon your team to take down the enemy while upgrading them to the finest Heroes Portal Quest has seen. It’s the only way we will be able to hold the Hollow back and defeat them for good!


• Battle Through the Campaign - Earn gear, experience, and shards to upgrade your heroes by taking down the enemy in 5v5 battles.
• Gather the Best Heroes - Collect and upgrade 35+ unique heroes to build out a full team.
• Choose Your Heroes Wisely - Each Hero has its strengths. Use them against the right enemies and you’ll end up on top.
• Compete in Guild Wars - Join your Guildmates and take on other Guilds in epic battles to defend your Keep!
• Tons of Challenging Modes - Whether it’s collecting unique gear from a dungeon or putting your team up against your friends, there is always a battle to wage.

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Jarell 3
It's definitely a good game and has tons of potential to expand on content. However, I strongly dislike how you have to pay money in order to receive "VIP" status. This allows you access to extra features (i.e. consecutive energy refills, arena battles, trial battles) that would otherwise be available to you in any other similar game. As a result, players that are enjoying themselves and willing to invest a lot of time in it, aren't able to do so given you can only refill your energy once every couple of hours. Definitely a "Pay To Win" game.
Soul 5
This is a very good game. I prefer Dragonsoul over it, but I will continue to play this game. It's setup the same so no learning curve to it at all. Didn't even finish the first campaign before buying the monthly deal.
Shawna 5
This game is so fun! I thought it would b lame cuz i downloaded it for free stuff and most games that u download for this r lame but i was shown otherwise.
John 5
I downloaded this game just to earn free stuff, and I seriously thought it would be dumb, but instead ended up ridiculously addicted to it! I love it now, haha who'd of thought.
nebiatsu 3
An addicting game, but a flawed game. They put 2 games in 1 game, which the regular game already takes too much time to play without spending any money. Dragon Soul, but worse graphics?Too many new characters every weem/month to be able to keep up.
Courtney 3
Game started as fun, but then when you get to the higher levels, the only way to upgrade is to play the same couple levels hundreds of times until you get the items you need. Becomes very tedious. Hard to get your players all leveled up without spending money.
Nicolas 1
I downloaded it to get to level ten on a survey and as so as I opened up the game it wanted me to gems and then threw me Into the game with out any help. Once I tapped something it started downloading 320mb of stuff and I just shut it down and got ridden of it because it was just so bad
Bobby 5
I really enjoy playing this game, I can't stop playing it for very long. My husband laugh's at me because I go to sleep playing it and when I wake up the first thing I do is start the game.
Claudette 4
Its a good game, took me couple levels to figure some of it out. I still dont get how to shield my characters from getting hit and I still dont get if I can control the characters or not.
Christine 1
I was silenced today by iron angel due to her harrassing a guild member of ours in vip chat going as far as banning him and name changing his account and i said in chat im my opinion it was bullying! So she started bullying me and multiple others in out guild. I did not mention name simply stated i belived it was an act of bullying and was silenced. My rating will stay a one star until iron angel is gone! Silencing someone for nothing is not ok. Its disrespectful and shows she has no concerns for any players. Until the moderator iron angel is handled i would NOT recommend getting this game! Sincerely a current level 88, top 10th guild member - PumpkinPie87
GW 4
I really like the game. Very fun and addictive but I do think the game has an issue with the silence chat feature. I got chat silenced for no reason and I think that is not ok. Other than that great game.

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