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111% New Defence Game “APORIA”!!! Block the enemy by using many magic!!

111% New Defence Game “APORIA”!!!
Block the enemy by using many magic!!
If you use magic to fit the timing, you can kill many enemies
Strategic spell upgrades are very important.
Strategically combine active magic, Use passive magic to grow your wizard.

Simple, but Addictive
APORIA by 111%
Game Features:
- You can use many active spells and passive skills.
- Challenge your friends with GooglePlay support.
- Easy and fun to play.
- Colorful UI, Fun sound effects, Attractive dot design.
111% developed BBTAN, CCTAN, DDTAN, EETAN, FFTAN, GGTAN, POPONG!, Charles, CtrlCV, Goodnight RUDY, RoadStar, Lunar Blade, DjJelly, PushKey, Boing111, JUSDICE, 1655m, BBTOON, ActionFingers ,JUSDICE, TELLOY, TIMPUZ, GOTDOLL, FLOWAR, MADOSA followed by APORIA!
Enjoy APORIA while you commute, on a date, in the bus or subway, waiting at the bank and so on. Anytime, anywhere you can play APORIA!!11

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Ma 5
Timing & strategy, not a click and wait. Has ads but in a fair reward system/exploit. Simple and obvious story told without language, crosses borders. I would have loved this type of game back on nintendo - honestly nintendo switch should try a port because with the adition of a touch screen it would be very immersive. The difficulty scales well, never becomes a phone-it-in easy win. Im on my 2nd download and playthrough looking for more exploits in game and still really enjoying it. I also like TURRETS but that takez a lot longer to warm up to. See Elona Shooter, this type of format would be a lot of fun on a flash web game like that. Keep rocking them out!! 111%!!!!!!
Riley 2
The way you "progress" in the game sucks. It's based entirely on how many ads you watch and if you don't watch the ads it's painfully slow. First of all i don't wanna watch a 30 second ad every 2-5 minutes. But most importantly this system takes away from genuine player progression and that's obviously a huge down side and game breaker imo. If you wanna use ads fine but this method is garbage. If it wasn't for this I would have given the game an excellent rating
Adam 3
Game was fun for a couple days, abeit as much ad-watching as playing the game. Today my phone ran out of battery and when I turned it back on my game was completely wiped. Got past level 100 and watched wayyy too many ads to deal with that BS, so I'm done playing. But it was still a fun game.
Lu 4
I'm a new 111% fan. You guys make amazing games. However, I think this game falls a bit short compared to the other games you make - especially how the pixelation looks bad on larger phones. This feels like a step down from yosul, which is a great game.
James 5
5 for uniqueness. 111% whoever you (guys) are... I thought for sure I would have stumbled across your creations before now considering you have so many decent ones... But I guess not! Nice collection of games you made.
Jacob 4
I liked this game a lot, I played or for over 5 hours to get the eternal blad. After this I closed the game and went away I came back to play and all my progress is fine. I would really like some help with this
JoshTheFriendlyGamer 4
I love this game, and am totally addicted to it! However, there are a few issues with it. Primarily, being that when I dont even have it open, it will constantly crash in the background every so often, despite being closed. Another issue I have seen is that after Aporia 1, or day 100, it seems to repetedly skip to the next Aporia? Unless that is intentional... but it seems to get extremely difficult to progress afterwards due to this. Finally, something I have noticed that may be affecting the ads is that you are able to skip them and still recieve your reward. The main ads I see this on are on the non 'vungle' (something like that) ads, where if you tab out then back in, the X to skip appears, and you can then skip and still recieve the bonus. The other situation of this is on SOME game demos, mostly being the Mobile Strike demo. Where if you rotate your screen, it will skip the demo entirely, without even any popup. I just don't want you all t be losing funds due to that stuff. Anyways, besides all that, excellent job!
This game has amazing potential. It has excellent timing and strategy based controls, but how you advance is just boring. It's just ad after ad, it would take forever to get further in the game if you didn't watch the advertisements. This game needs some serious tweaking, but I think it has potential to be a very fun time-waster, also: more spells and perks would make the game way more fun as well. Keep at it.
anthony 4
I bought the two abilitys required for the ultimate and cant get it? Google is no help, pls shoot a hint my way 😫 keep making crazy good games!
Yosh 2
Decent, but very monotonous. Would be nice to see new spells added, and not take so long for enemies to pour out in the later stages as to help speed up level advancement as well as increasing difficulty.
Devan 5
I really like this game, it's got really nice machnics, style, music and it runs quite well. It's a perfect fun casual game to play. I give it 5 stars for sure!

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