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Photobooth can combine several photos into a single file for easy sharing.

Photobooth is a utility for joining multiple photos together into a single image for easy sharing online. You can import photos from the gallery or capture new pictures directly from the camera to create a custom photostrip in just seconds.

You can easily change the layout, order, and output size and share to Twitter, Flickr, Google+, or Facebook in just a few clicks.

What Photobooth DOES

Choose from vertical or horizontal layouts (more coming soon)
Order photos by ASC, DESC, or random
Export photostrip in S, M, or L size (XL coming soon)
Share to your other favorite apps with the power of intents
Looks damn sexy

What Photobooth DOES NOT do

Add styles, filters, or effects
Add silly stickers and captions
Host your images online (all sharing is handled by 3rd party apps)

Why Photobooth exists

Photobooth was born out of a desire to quickly share multiple photos in a single tweet. Often I attend tech events or concerts and I always find myself with a handful of photos worth sharing and I was disappointed by my current Android options. I wanted a single URL, with the images unobstructed by effects or the sharing service itself.

The solution is Photobooth, a no nonsense utility that lets you share multiple photos to your prefered service easier than ever before.

Photobooth required two permissions, local storage for saving photostrips and network connection for reporting crashes, that's all.

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1.6 and up
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500000 - 1000000
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howl 5
SIMPLE AND EXCELLENT! LG g3 Exactly what I was looking for. Definitely a keeper. Easy and intuitive to use. No bells or whistles, just performance, accessibility, and results, in a streamlined interface. No ads. Not needy or demanding. What's not to love? Cyber-beers going out to this developer. 🍺
G 2
3 PHOTO LIMIT The app description fails to mention strips only hold 3 pics. I downloaded the app to stitch together 7 screenshots, so that was a bummer. Also would be nice to have the option to stitch photos together without the border in between.
A 4
A bit too limited. I get what the author is trying to do. He's not trying to replace photoshop or make a new image manipulation platform. I don't get why it's limited to only 3 photos per strip. Even real machines pump out 4. While I don't think I ever utilize such a high limit, I think it should be bumped to 10 or so (more than 6, less than 12). Personally, I'd like to put in 4. All in all, a great app that does what it promises.
Willie 2
Poor Merged Photo Quality Fairly easy to use, though the ability to rearrange the 3 images would be extremely helpful. This app gets an ALMOST FAILURE because the image quality of the end result was EXTREMELY POOR and unusable, probably because my MIDDLE IMAGE contains text !!!
A 5
Wow The wow factor in ur photos. I now enjoy posting photos in fb much more than b4. Please stick to 3 photos. 4 wouldn't look aesthetic people. Neo v ics
Lori 2
Screenshot text is very blurry I used to screenshoot and crop text and attach it to a photo. Worked great! Then about a month ago the text started coming out blurry.
A 2
Nice & simple interface, but... The 3 image limit just plain sucks. Needs option to add more images and larger output sizes. Check out Photoshake Pro and Photogrid. Nice app icon, though.
A 3
Sometime Only works some times. Only allows me to upload one pic. Then white screen when attempting 2nd pic.
A 4
So much potential This is my favourite way of compiling phone screenshot sets to share on forums. Could do with border color options and even bigger resolutions
Chester 5
Meets my needs just fine! This little basic app does exactly what I need in joining two photos together. I selected the higher quality picture option otherwise it can appear blury. Thank you developer for releasing this, I am more than satisfied! :-)
Stan 5
Does what it's supposed to do! Works fine at merging multiple photos into a single file. If you need to crop the photos, do so first in a photo editor, because there is no photo editing routine in this particular application. The important thing, though, is that it can merge multiple photographs in a variety of ways, and it does so with a very small footprint.


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