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10 languages supported including Spanish.

If you are a controller - Various real-time PVP !!
1v1, 1v3, 3v3 Real-time PVP's
Ultimate 2D bandscroll action game!
It's not a card game. Soul Arts Cards activate real skill! Real Action!!

◆ The core of explosive action! Soul Arts that activates real skill!
- Various Soul Arts cards with unique skills and abilities!
- When Soul Arts is activated, up to 5 card characters will attack enemies with spectacular skills!

◆ Combination of Action and Adventure RPG!
- Exquisite combination of fast-paced action and various exploration maps

◆ Foster characters in various ways!
- Heroes with different characteristics attacks with various attack motion and skills!
- Various attack pattern is possible with Soul Arts collection!
- Evo & Fuse the cards to make it even stronger!

◆ Dungeon and Arean where explosive action is being played
- Sometimes by yourselves, sometimes together! Party up with friends to clear the Boss monster!
- Conquer the 1v1 combat and be the Champion in Arena!

◆ Continuous Contents Update!
- New Character, Dungeon, System, Pet, Quest will be added!

◆ Official Community :

◆ Minimum device requirement is RAM 1.5 G.
◆ Permission
- In order to play the game, following permission is necessary..
- GET_ACCOUNTS : System doesn't approach to user's address file, and only use for account verfication purpose. This permission is only used to verfy the account; therefore, users need to accept this permission in order to log into the game.

--Pictosoft Co., Ltd--

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Rafiki 5
Too many small button at the menu UI and its very confusing... but i like the classic hack n' slash idea of the game. Great job developer
Elvis 1
Game is very fun and player base is great....however pictosoft transferred the game to mobirix and they have destroyed it. It is completely p2p and difficult and generally unenjoyable. They don't respond at all to players. Customer service is horrid. Stay away.
Cherry 2
Freaking love it,,, until i participated in pvp and party. Can you ever play pvp and party without lag? Or delay? Trying on the new server a bit better but can be better keep it up ill give 5 stars again
Sadako 3
Interesting game. The characters are cute and I liked the gameplay. However, there is a very unfortunate problem. There is always some kind of notice on the screen saying that someone acquired some item. I do not care about what other players are doing. I just want to play the game. These notices are annoying and cover an important part of the screen.
NRA16 1
Deleting this, my account (which is connected with my gmail) is gone! My IGN is Nicholas. Too bad devs
Invader 3
i have a problem and I hope it get fixed as soon as possible. I collect my monthly subscription and the seven days attendance and it seems i didnt get anything from the reward. I liked the game ty
Andika 5
This game actually amazing , spending my time to play this game , but why if i pvp 1vs1 so lag? I cant win the match, i have more power than enemy, I have good connection already but still lost because lagging .. please fix it
feron 5
This game are totally AMAZING. Please fix lagging and delay ASAP. Please, lagging in pvp also partying is killin me. Do something!!!!!! overall Here my 5 star ✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️ Amazing fix the lagg!!!!
David 1
Goodbye. Crappiest update. Change if devs. No one is responding to tickets. Game given up by developer before the end of 2 months. Dying game in 34 days. Wow and just wow. New players. Unless they give even an explanation, my sole advice is to stay away from this. Spending 1000 usd on this game won't even let u beat a normal lvl 40 raid it's so stupid it's baffling
The 3
New update: Why would you lock out normal dungeon grinding areas and force bosses now. Bad move. I do hope this is unintentional as many seem quite irritable by that this morning.
David 1
Pvp is laggy as hell. Rates on chest are rubbish, spent $129 bucks on diamonds and fully utilised on cards chests only to receive 2 epics with loads of miserable rare cards. No other ways to obtain legend cards besides chest, what a rip off way to get money. Compared to the first version, this ver is made for p2w and no matter how much grinding f2p will always lose. Recent update led to worser gameplay now you definitely need to spend to at least grind. Bosses hp have doubled, grinding at flag pole made useless, event dungeons are stupidly impossible. Worst developers ever, Mobirix don't ever listen to the gamers don't you???

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