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Grow your power & discover epic gear: adventure, quests & awesome combat await!

Join the Lightseekers, save Tantos from the invading umbron and become a legend!
Explore beautiful and fantastic lands, meet colorful characters, battle feared beasts and quest to uncover the world’s mysterious past.

Grow your powers through epic gear and new abilities. Collect pets & companions that fight alongside you. Supercharge your weapons with the elemental powers of rare Lightstones and become the most powerful Lightseeker ever! As your hero evolves, so does the world around you. New lands to explore, quests to face, enemies to defeat and powerful gear to equip are added often based on what you, the Lightseekers community, tell us you want.

Add optional smart action figures, interchangeable weapons, motion controlled flight packs and augmented reality trading cards (sold separately) to take your play to the next level! The game, cards, and figures can each be enjoyed on their own, but together they create next level connected play.

Welcome to Lightseekers!

*Smart action figures and trading cards are not required to play Lightseekers
*System requirements: Internet connection and 1GB memory required for optimal experience.

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4.3 and up
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50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

Jonathan 1
So I'd give it 5/5 except that ever since 9/21/2017, I can't play the game. I load the app, tap Adventure, and then it starts loading and then force quits with no reason and no option to send feedback due to crash. Please advise. Update 9/28/2017 app still crashes. I can pick my character and then as it loads it force closes. On Moto Z2 play. Phone is less than 2 months old.
Steve 2
Great idea, poorly implemented. For being a standalone android/Apple product, you would think they would have all bases covered for the various devices. I am on the samsung tab s2 and it doesn't play. Like others the game will just not start after picking a character. Thankfully I tested before buying the actual figures. Please fix so I can rate higher. Thank you
michael 5
Love this game can't wait for more updates. I really hope they branch out to more retailers. I'm a bit worried wave 2 has not been released yet hopefully this game keeps updating.
If I could play the game I would give a higher rating,but because every time I load adventure mode it crashes the all I leave little stars. Maybe spend more time fixing your game. Luckily I have the card game so when this happens I can still play.
Sam 1
I am on an LG tablet and the game keeps crashing on me. I can hardly play for 10 seconds before it crashes. Want to like the game, but can't play long enough to form an opinion.
Sam 5
It is one of the best if not the best games on mobile. The cards are a huge hit in my opinion also the action figures are great for younger audiences. But can't get on the app please fix this I hope for more products in the future. Thank you play fusion.
Taurken 2
Even if the story/ style of play is a little different, no matter how you look at it's pretty much a knockoff of skylanders. Toy to life IS a SKYLANDER thing. I thought this game WAS a new skylanders game when I saw the toys in the store. You summon a cool looking critter and it's gear into a virtual world to fight some bad guys. Skylanders in a nutshell and this game does the same. So, don't say it's totally different from Skylanders cause it's really not. Also the Umbrons look too much like Alistar from League of Legends. However, it's not all bad. The figures DO look cool. Wish there were more to choose from tho. The graphics are pretty neat as well. What ruined it for me tho was the yucky control system. It's awkward and makes the gameplay not as fun as it could be. Maybe in time, with control adjustments and more characters to choose from, I might be able to get into the game.
Sofie 3
OK but I really don't want to have to buy figures to make it fun. Also my sounds won't work.
Jim 5
I loved it so much can you make it so you can defeat the kalamari twice and make it easier to get deeds apart from that and that you should give a home to decorate it's 5/5
Andre 1
Still waiting to play this game, crashes at loading screen.
Nikhil 3
I got the game and when I did every time it loaded a level it will crash and black out pls fix this and this game will be the best


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