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A whole brand new sandbox game platform---Visualize your Imagination

Mini World is a 3D free-to-play sandbox game about exploration, creativity, and start an epic adventure with your friends. There are no levels or restrictions, but only the freedom of your creation. The easy-to-join multiplayer settings allow you to connect via PC and phones anywhere at any time. In our game, you can build a house, an apartment, a castle, or even a city. The sky is the limit. You can also explore the underworld and challenge the Dark-Dragon with your friends.

In addition to Survival Mode, you can download and play some fun mini-games made by other players. There are various types of mini-games, like parkour, puzzle, FPS, or strategy. Of course, these games are fun if you play with your friends!

Mini World is a great platform. With hundreds of blocks to choose from and over 1000 ingame items to play with, you can express yourself in the world anyway you like!

Key Features:

1 Enormous Sandbox World – explore an expansive sandbox world with a variety of unique cute monsters, blocks, materials, and mines.
2 Unique game - Unique game engine with cute game character design
3 Cross-platform - Whether you are using IOS or Android device, or sitting in front a PC. All gamers can play together.
4 Single Player and Multiplayer – jump into a friend's game with friendly fire turned on, or start a new world on your own. Share your game with other players, or join other players from all over the world in theirs.
5 Gallery - You can upload or download the works at the Gallery, have a look at the hottest MOD map,game map or others’ work.
6 Game mode – Survival mode, Creation mode or mini games created by other players, you can enjoy the charm of this game anywhere at any time.
7 Powerful game-editor - There are various types of mini-games, spanning from parkour, to puzzle, to FPS, to strategy, etc... all can be made by the ingame-editor

Permissions of Phones are required to run the game.

Device ID & call, Phone information-----To identify your accounts and log-in info
Wi-Fi connection information---- To connect game through Wi-Fi or hotspot
Photos/Media/Files---- To save and delete maps as well as game thumbnails
Storage------------------------To be able to save and delete maps
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Twitter: @miniwantech Discord:

Developer email: CS email:

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Latest Ratings

Karen 3
I would love this game a lot more if I could pass the iron ore quest. I've depleted numerous pickaxes and collected tons of stone (rock) but have yet to see any ore besides coal. Can't progress without it, shame since I was starting to really like this game. The days are a bit too short as well, I can hardly get anywhere before I have to return to my home because the sun is setting.
Dzelion 5
Controls are great. The graphics is awesome. And the gameplay is neat too. Loved almost everything about it. There are a few erratas here and there. The days are kinda short. Weird map. Overall it's a great game. I love MC but this game is better than MC itself IMO. There should be more animals though.
1000ssundee 5
This game update is not improved! Why there's light around u? Its mess up when I put a torch down. NOW I HAVE TO DELETE ALL MY CREATION? Please put it in the custom rules. You should fix this. I got wire and it's light and mess up the look, also when u jump down, and u use the diamond sword with charge, you won't die. Add tools, armor in Creation Mode, Add More plugin option like button, (Only can placed on) so there's a lot of find the button game. Very lag in my phone, it's say Excellent ,but it keep say kidnapped (lag) I can't log in, my device is samsung galaxy neo thingy, all Samsung device may contain lag. A lot of bug, and the new Rails suck, fix wire so it's look better. Thank you.
Lilly 5
I love this game addicting but also has mini games and lots I really love this game AMAZING!!!! 😍😍😍 Jus one problem Uh I cant get coins only minibeans
Ian 3
Overall, I like it but I cant get into adventure mode anymore. I tried to uninstall/ reinstall and restart my phone but it didn't work will rate 5 stars if fixed!
Neptune17e8 5
I Hope You Make An Update With More fre Charecters Also COOL GAME BRO also how do you earn gold
SpiderRila 2
Why do I still keep failing to connect to server when I'm connect to the internet. I reinstalled this and its still working. Can you please fix this....
Rusk 5
It is an excellent game. I have one problem though I can't play on multiplayer, it always says it's empty.
Frederico 5
Actually I would say no because there's no needed to do is to play sit back and relax I mean thus game is pretty good keep it up "ohh" did I say pretty good I would say is !Awesome-Super Awesome texture-Amazing Control(just like Minecraft but...)-This game is compared with other pixelated games this is the #1.
Juan 5
I love the game but i would like that in the tutorial the teached you more things like how to plant a tree or how to combat,things like that and also theres a glitch were if you uptade it you lose mini beans but you recover it once you have entered a world the rest is pretty good
Oreosaurus 4
The game is fun, but I dislike how you have to unlock certain items to be able to use them.

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