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A journey of love, danger & hope.

-You may have to restart your phone to launch this app-

Bury me my Love tells the story of Syrian refugee Nour and her husband Majd, as Nour
undertakes a perilous journey to safety in Europe.

Bury me, my Love is a Text Messaging Adventure game about Nour, a Syrian migrant trying to find her way to Europe. Her husband Majd, who remains behind in Syria, communicates with Nour through a messaging app, advising her as best he can so that she reaches her destination safely.

“Bury me, my love” is a Syrian goodbye phrase that roughly means, “Take care, don’t even think about dying before I do.” This phrase takes on a deeper meaning as Majd says it to his wife, Nour, as she undertakes her perilous journey to reach Europe.

A co-production from ARTE, the European cultural network, with The Pixel Hunt and Figs.

***A game in an instant messaging app
As Majd, you can communicate with Nour and follow her journey, just as if you were chatting with her via WhatsApp. You will text each other and exchange emojis, pics and selfies, relevant links…

*** Multiple narrative routes to discover
By reading instant messages and choosing response options, players help Nour overcome the hardships she will encounter.
Your choices in Bury me, my Love truly impact on the story, with Nour able to visit 50 different locations and reach 19 potential different endings with widely divergent outcomes.

*** Based on real-life events
Bury me, my Love is a “reality-inspired game”, a documented fiction that draws inspiration directly from real-world events. The original idea stems from an article written by Le Monde journalist, Lucie Soullier, telling the story of Dana, a young Syrian woman who fled her country and is now living in Germany.

This experience may affect the sensitivity of younger people.

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Latest Ratings

Jeff 5
This game is a fantastic, well designed, incredible emotional journey all done through text messages. It's a rare thing to find a mobile game that makes you really feel, and this game makes you feel a whole lot. It makes you care and become emotionally tied to your wife Nour, a Syrian woman trying to make it out of Syria to find a better life. She sends you messages in real time and you have response dialogue options you choose from. It's a simplistic concept, but my first play through lasted me about 2 weeks. You can change it so that it's one continuous conversation instead but I recommend the real time approach as it adds a realism to the game that is very impactful. Highly recommend this game. Well worth the price. Hats off to the devs for really going for something and nailing it.
Chris 5
This game is a very unique experience. If we compared video games to movies it would be a romantic drama and very intense because of it. You have to hang in at the beginning for it to grab hold of you. If you want to burn brain cells while playing a mindless addicting game this is not your game but it is well made in every aspect for what it is. My only recommendation to the creators would be to make it impart the fact that your choices of messages change the trajectory of what the character does. Playing it I felt like I didn't have any influence on Nour. She is quite stubborn. But I know there must be a way to make the ending not be so jarring. If you like 80 days you will like this game. I think that was a big influence and they used the same interactive fiction scripting language.
Alykhan 5
This is a great text-based adventure game (they remind me of choose your own adventure books from when I was young). Any chance on getting a sequel? Like maybe Majd could try to meet up with Nour in Germany? I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
Lindsay 5
Super creative, immersive, and emotional. Without spoiling anything, I felt a weird incredible loss when it was over only because I knew I would not be getting any more messages. I HIGHLY recommend playing with 'real time mode' ON, you will not regret it! A+
Andreas 5
A game that makes every decision seem final, and the survival sense is on high alert always. Play it, and get to understand how some. People have it right now today.
Affan 5
A great experience that really utilises the designs and features of a mobile phone in a new and interesting way. While I wouldn't class this as "fun" in the traditional sense of the word it is definitely a great experience that plays out over time and leaves you fulfilled for the price.
Missie 1
How is this a game, exactly? I get few options and it autoplays. I often turn it on and let it run. I thought games allowed you to play, not read boring conversations that i wouldnt dream kd reapondi g in such a manner...I'm not invested at all and I was hoping so after the reviews. Maybe I lost the definition of game or maybe it'll pick up but I hate I wasted 3+bucks on this....
Nick 3
I really wanted to like this game but the dialog just isn't very engaging. The characters spend most of the time discussing travel details and how much things cost, and then present you with decisions without giving you much context. It brushes on big socio political concepts and then moves on to the cost of a taxi ride. Maybe that feels realistic to some but the characters weren't engaging enough to get me invested. It also suffers from that Mass Effect-style 'that isn't what I wanted to say!' problem. There is one moment where tapping 'be careful' results in "many Africans are thieves" which was a jarring experience to say the least. Sadly, does not live up to the hype. I'd rather read nonfiction about the war and resulting refugee crisis.
Bernardo 4
Just finished the game for the first time, and thought it was pretty good! For those who don't know what to make of this, don't think of it as game, bit more as an experience, an interactive story with just enough input to make it more personal. It's a great concept and, for the most part, it worked great! Watching the story unfold throughout real days makes it more real (there's an option for faster story development though). The writing is great, and it really does feel like we're talking to a human person, with a whole range of emotions expressed just through messaging text and emojis. However, a few issues kept me from giving it 5 stars. Namely, and most annoying of all: lots of crashes. Sometimes the game would crash for just opening the map, or clicking on one city for details. Also, some pictures that Nour sent me were corrupted after a few days, which was weird. In an experience like this, where the story is the primary focus, even the smallest things do a lot in killing the immersion, which is unfortunate. However, when it worked... It worked! This is one of those games where the first time I play is particularly memorable, because every single option I made was genuine and, therefore, the first playthrough reflects my most "honest" attempt at the game, reflects MY story. And that experience was so "human" that I'm still not sure if I want to leave it at that and remember the story like this, or try other playthroughs to see other outcomes. I think that, for now, I'll let the game rest :) [In case the bugs I mentioned are relevant for future patches, I played this on a ONEPLUS 3]
Nicholas 1
I really want to like this game, but technical issues are making the experience unbearable. The screen spazes out like crazy, it's unreadable.
Chris 3
Its a shame as its an original idea for a game, in a time where developers seem very risk adverse. But imo it fails badly in some areas, firstly the whole idea is to CHOOSE different paths through an interactive story, although the format used is good ( push notifications in real time through a WhatsApp type app ) but problem: the choices of reply to Nour that you are given are nothing like what I would reply....like any of the choices 😐 leaving you picking replied almost at random. What makes it even more frustrating is that Nour takes no notice anyway. I've played to two completely different endings now...but it is hard to look back and see what decisions you made that got you there. So you end up reading the story and when decisions come up you just choose any and hope it works out in the end. Such a pity as this could of been a brilliant game rather than just an ok one. And what an opportunity missed to really tell the story of the horrendous predicament of refugees around the world.


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