Chef Curry ft. Steph & Ayesha

Chef Curry ft. Steph & Ayesha








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Cook and Serve with the Currys!

Welcome to the exciting world of Chef Curry.
Help Ayesha and Stephen race around the kitchen to prepare and serve meals for the hungry customers. Accommodate different personalities and cater to their needs.

-Features the real life voices of Ayesha and Stephen Curry!
-Fast paced restaurant action.
-Invite and cook with your friends for in game bonuses.
-Win prizes through the ranking challenge.
-Hundreds of rewards to unlock.
-Plus loads of future goodies to come!

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Latest Ratings

Jonathan 5
One of the first appeared games I've played that actually supports kids. I say that to say for children who can't read, it's much easier for them seeing that Stephen and Ayesha say the words and in some cases give a better description of the instructions. As for the the game play. It's easy to use and is loads of fun keeping you on your toes, much like Stephen does on the court. Again, I think it's one of the best game apps thus far.
Mikkayla 3
Well this game has room for improvement but it's a very good game thus far somewhat addictive... I stopped at level 35 for a few hours and now I'm trying to login with my Facebook account and it won't let me it just keeps saying loading and going back to the main page. I tried using guest but I'd habe to start from lvl 1 and I can't do anything other than what the arrow points at... I really wanted to continue from lvl 35.
levina 4
I like playing time management games and I like playing this game. My problem is the upgrades. It would be nice to just upgrade the food to make more coin since they as well as the gems are so hard to get. Also upgrading the appliances separately to accommodate the level would be great.
F. 5
Hi, I like your game. I've been a gamer over 30 years, play basketball for fitness, and cook to relax. By trade I am an Army Officer and Software Testing Engineer in my civilian life. I would like a list of the recipe when you press the meal, to remind you of the process. For example , pressing the pizza would flash Pizza +the oven, then go away when you release it.
Shawnii 5
ADDICTED! I love everything about this game except how long you have to wait after passing so many levels. I have the diamonds to spend, but I'm saving them for a new uniform. I guess that's how they get ppl to spend money and purchase more diamonds🤷🏾
Onetha 4
I love the game, I was stuck @ 29 till I fig it out. Listen guyz, whn the customers are getting angry, hot head, and the voice lady says" hurry"... we knt move 2 hurry. Once the zoom in light blinks on the person that's mad. [Maybe you'll cud do something about that.]
Lol 2
It's great ,but I can't seem to pass level 35. I tried lots of times and it's getting infuriating! It's not that I'm not good at the game, it's just seems impossible! It's kinda ridiculous.
Jeje 2
This is actually a very nice game. I love and addicted to it.. I played until stage 70, before I CAN'T CONNECT to my Facebook account, now I don't know how re-connect it because it's always back to main screen every time I try to connect to my account. Please help!!
Eneida 1
I actually LOVE this game, it's so cute and all. But I reached level 39 and it's literally impossible to pass. Not because I'm not doing a good job, it's because the police officer gets mad and leave WHILE she's already eating?? Last time I re-tried it I even gave her coffee to see if I could finally pass the level and immediately after she got mad and it was game over. Like what??? It's like I'm absolutely required to pay diamonds to pass the level, it's ridiculous.
Thomas 3
At first I enjoyed playing the game, but there are a lot of things that need fixing. You are not given enough time to complete an order. Also, there are no instructions on recipes. Time is wasted trying to figure them out. You are not told that you are being charged for each use of an upgrade. Level 39 is very frustrating as are some of the others. This game seems to want you to guess how to play it. Be straight forward with instructions. If I want to play a guessing game I'll download one.
shanya 4
I like the game a lot even though I just downloaded it on my phone yesterday it's fun my only problem is that I keep trying to login through Facebook it won't let me can y'all fix this problem and I would easily give it 5stars?


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