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HBO Presents: MOSAIC -- a new storytelling experience from Steven Soderbergh.

MOSAIC is a new film experience from Academy Award®-winning director Steven Soderbergh, starring Sharon Stone, Garrett Hedlund, Jennifer Ferrin, Paul Reubens, Devin Ratray, Frederick Weller, and Beau Bridges.

In MOSAIC, as in life, the path you pick affects your perception of reality. What one viewer may consider a fundamental fact on one path may be an insignificant piece of trivia on another — or may not even be a ‘fact’ at all. As its title suggests, MOSAIC isn’t complete until all the pieces are viewed in their proper perspective.

MOSAIC lets you experience the story from multiple perspectives, going deeper to see the big picture:

- Film view: Watch the film in full-screen, immersive mode.
- Choice moments: Select which character’s perspective you want to adopt to continue your journey.
- Discoveries: Go behind the scenes to check out voicemails and emails between the characters, police reports, news clippings and more.
- Look again: Go back and view the perspectives you missed to get the full picture.

Getting started is easy. Just download the app and sign up with your email or social account. Watch on your favorite screen — phone or tablet. By creating an account, you can move seamlessly across devices to continue viewing MOSAIC and pick up right where you left off.

MOSAIC is powered by PodOp technology, and is designed for seamless viewing on Android 5.0 and higher.

MOSAIC is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories due to licensing agreements and restrictions. Some restrictions apply.

©2017 PodOp Inc. All rights reserved. MOSAIC and related channels and service marks are the property of PodOp, Inc.

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Latest Ratings

Maxim 5
Fantastic. This is not just a functionality review but a cinema review. Huge Soderbergh fan here. Always pioneering some new thang, this guy. Plan to remake Kafka like this? ;D honestly hope (with same directorial quality) this format gets spread onto many more properties. Like a DC thing or Marvel. It would allow pacing and choice interruptions helping you understand or alienate characters organically. Making it all more meaningful. Love it! This is how my brain works, btw.
Turd 4
Amazing concept but I felt one of the "discoveries" is placed too early in the story and basically gives away the ending. Also, 12+ rating on Apple for Infrequent crude language and Mature 17+ on Android?! There are probably 40 f-words or more and some pretty mature situations. Those are totally different ratings descriptions, is it a different edit on Apple? Other than that, very engrossing story and great acting. Great to see Sharon Stone at the top of her game!
Hales 2
Installed on a LG V10 running Android 6.0, and it crashes. Can't even finish playing the first movie clip, because it crashes. Can't seem to use it all off of Wifi (even with data and a strong signal). I love the concept of this so much, but can't even seem to give it a try.
Jonathan 4
Cool concept.....but pacing is painfully slow and redundant. Dialogue crawls along at times, and acting feels forced. But then other times you're speeding through the plot. I got tired of watching over after scenes and couldn't finish.
Lindsay 5
I loved this. I think this format is fun and I personally really like this genre of story. I think though that I got lucky in some of the paths I chose. If I had chosen other paths first I'd have been a little disappointed in finding certain information out before other things.
Brittany 1
Started great and then app crashed and is now un-useable even after removing and reinstalling. Shame, seemed really promising.
Michelle 5
Installed the app on my tablet and it works like a charm. Loving it so far. It didn't want to work on my phone so I uninstalled it
Jim 5
What a fantastically enthralling new-way to watch an already terrific episode of mystery...couldn't wait to see what's next! More please...
Uli 1
FB login unusable, could not log in, uninstalled, time wasted
Paul 3
great concept but needs to have a much better story. the movie is utterly boring
Shenika 3
Good story..but I'm wanting more..if this is all you have then I'm uninstalling the app..but good story tho..


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