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Poker played with three cards dates back to the origins of the game of poker.

This Poker incorporates two modes of play. The Bet and Play wagers play in competition on the player hand against the dealer hand. The Pair > wager is paid on a pay scale basis that the player hand will be a pair or better.

After all Bet and Pair > wagers are placed, three cards are dealt to each player and the dealer. Players that have placed the Bet wager have a choice to either fold or continue in the game by placing a Play wager equal to the Bet. Hands are then exposed and wagers resolved.

The dealer hand must be Jack high or better for the dealer hand to play. If the dealer does not play then there is no action on Play wagers and Bet wagers are paid 1 to 1. If the dealer does play the dealer and player hands are compared. If the player hand loses both the Bet and Play wagers lose. If the player hand wins both the Bet and Play wagers are paid 1 to 1. If the hands are tied then there is no action on the Bet and Play wagers.

An additional feature is the Bet Bonus, which is paid to the Bet wager for a straight or better. The Bet Bonus is paid on a pay scale and is paid regardless of whether the dealer plays and regardless of whether the dealer or the player has the best hand.

The Pair > wager loses if the player has less than a pair and wins with a pair or better. The payoff applies regardless of the dealer hand as the Pair > wager is not in competition against the dealer hand.

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-> High Casino like graphics.
-> Soothing Background Music.
-> Multiple Tables to play on. Special Millionaire Club & VIP Clubs.
-> Hourly Free Bonus Chips - The more you play, the more you get.
-> Leader-board to boast your earnings!
-> High Payouts!

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Latest Ratings

Phil 3
Decent game It is a decent game with good graphics. You pretty much control the pace of the game, which is nice. What is really unfortunate is that the math does not calculate wins properly, which becomes very frustrating. The game does not pay out properly on 3 of a kind or straight flushes.
Jeremy 1
Horrible Have been beat by dealer twice when I had a straight flush and 3 times when I had three of a kind!! Really played game to give true rating and find it poorly programed. No parallels to reality!!
Mark 4
Decent, Simple Game If you want a simple game with just you & the dealer then this is the one. It's got it's quirks but I'm just playing FOR FUN so I don't care. When I run out of chips I just close the game & within minutes I get a notification that I have a free bonus waiting for me + you get a $100 bonus every hour or when you close & reopen the app. So it's worth the 4.1 rating that it has right now. Decent.
Jonathan 2
Fun but... Game is ok but the math still doesn't work correctly. I play this in Vegas all the time and this is fun but not very realistic.
morgan 4
Very good game. It's a way to spend time when not actually at a table
Richard 5
3 card I really like the game... just think the payouts should be more for pair +
Renee 4
Good Enough This is a good app. It doesn't shut down or crash. It is a simple and fun game but I get a little bored after a while.
Ludwig 4
Good poker Not pushed to purchase the chips, would be better if the payout was explained.
Sopanny 4
Love the game but don't get enough money
LBND303 5
Best one so far Tried other app games. This one throws free bonus chips a lot. The app doesnt try to act cheap. Good play
Farhan 5
Awesome game ever. One of the best...

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