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Recruit your Guerrillas. Upgrade their skills.Take them to historical battles.

১৯৭১ এর বাংলাদেশে আপনাকে স্বাগতম । ইতিহাসের সাক্ষী হতে এখনই যোগদিন মুক্তি পরিবারে। জয় বাংলা।

Join us on an epic journey through 1971’s Bangladesh. Fight in historical battles. Be part of the untold story of how a lightly armed and trained guerrilla force defeated one of the most powerful armies in just nine months. 30 Freedom fighters, 20 historically inspired strategic battles, one epic war! Are you ready?

From the maker of Heroes of 71, comes another epic game based on Bangladesh’s liberation war of 1971. As a commander of a Mukti Camp (Guerrilla Hideout), you lead your guerillas to build a great camp. You train them and finally lead them to battle and glory. Join us and be part of History.

Game Description:

All our game graphics are hand drawn (digitally). Through our game, you shall see a beautiful Bangladeshi Countryside. In Mukti Camp, we have 15 types of buildings. When you start, you only have the headquarter. From there you slowly build your base. You build firms to grow food. You make sawmills to process woods. Later you need to develop storages to keep them safe and ready for use.

In Mukti Camp, you build scout centre for recruiting guerrillas, you build houses to accommodate them, hospitals to treat them, and four different kinds of training centres to train them and make them battle-ready. You also need a communication centre so that guerrillas can communicate with their families. You also need to build and maintain defence structures to keep your camp safe.

In Mukti Camp, each Guerrilla has four different set of skills namely strength, precession, agility and intelligence. Various tasks in the game require different types of skills. For example, wood chopping involves strength and firming requires agility.

You can upgrade your guerrilla character’s skill set in two ways. First way is to give them relevant tasks and the second way is to train them in different training grounds. You can also assign different tools to your guerrillas. For example, if they are chopping woods, you should assign saw. If they are firming, you may attach another tool. You can also upgrade these tools.

Finally when you feel confident with your guerrillas, you can assign them different weapons based on their skills. For example, if someone is strong- you may attach machinegun to them. If someone is agile, an assault rifle may be a good option. The weapons are also upgradable.

History inspires all of our battle maps. And we shall keep on updating them.

Game Features:

All of our game graphics are hand painted and based on 1970’s Beautiful Bengal Countryside.
We have 15 different types of buildings.
We have 30 unique characters, and they all are customizable.
We have 20 different weapons and tools.
We have 20 handcrafted strategy based levels.
Historically inspired battlefields.
New Multiplayer and Social features are coming soon.

PLEASE NOTE! Mukti Camp is free to download and play. However, some game items can also be purchased with real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in from device settings. Moreover, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least seven years of age to play or download Mukti Camp.

#Designed and developed in Bangladesh

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Latest Ratings

Tamzid 5
Actually I don't like strategy games. But this game has changed my thought. I have already finished this game and I am egarly waiting for next new levels. Though it has some bugs such as I can't exist, I mean there is no exit button, It is good. I think that next update will be better. However I have 2 proposals for developer brothers. firstly we want play a level more and more and secondly if a character who is a doctor remains in our squad, This game will be more charismatic... 👌✌
Kongkham 5
Simply wonderful...need more games like this. To me, clash of clan is nothing compared to this. It is like a mini PC game. And salute to this game concept and specially salute for including the song " Emon deshti kothao khuje pabo nako Tumi, sokol desher Rani se je Amar jonmobhumi"
SamZ 5
Awsome game to play! I think few upgrades are needed to improve the game. Like the internal icons are too small while I was upgrading troops they are not so handy. And some more issues.. Overall, Love the Game.. Great Job by the Creators!
মুহ্সী 5
It is very good game for our country. But it needs more improve , fix several bugs. Also it should be added versus battles. No need for communication cemtre. Need some new buildings too in upcoming updates. Thank you for gifting us such a well game & keep it up.
Ishtiaque 5
Shob comments pore Ja bujhlam game ta ekhono bhalo moton thik Hoynai.. Dev bhai Jan age apni nije khelen then decide koren ki ki problem ache.. Otherwise game ta darun. Best of luck
Ehtesham 4
Great game though Its first version. I can play on xiaomi note 4. 1.cant play on huawei phone. 2. when I updated head quarter to level 5, all game data vanished and new session started. it was very disappointing. 3. sometimes it gets difficult to select bases like, farm, sawmill as it selects inhabitants. instead of selecting inhabitants directly, it would be better to select the land/base, a menu might appear, where u can select character. it will give better control.
Adnan 3
Good game but still there are a lot of bugs to be fixed. Everything it's asking me select a player and hanging right after that. Tried reinstalling once but it's all same. Uninstalling again. I will try it later. However a good initiative by the BD game devs.
Sajib 5
the game is good but not so good.. It's too slow... when the enemies attacks me, my guardss defence but when the all enemies are defeated some of them are staying in my base and after full recovery of my guards from hospital, some of them are staying near the hospital... Anyways, I have finished the game, waiting for update and feel proud for our developers...
Sourashis 5
Hay this game is pure blissm.what a game guys!! Now lemme suggest u something Change a bit in the time of attack Introduce online mode asap..if u can introduce online mode of this game trust me it gonna be one of the best game ever U need to do some clan system like coc.. Guys please do this asap..this game is great
Manish 4
This game needs a whole lot of work - primarily because it is vert short. Extensions and multiplayers maybe? Please also fix animation issues upon completion of every upgrade possible. Also, introduce permadeath for characters, otherwise loses ground.
Guys u need to update this game! it has a lot of problems! sometimes I can't go to attack for game's bugs! its horrible. we appreciate ur hard work, but believe me this bugs suffer us a lot.

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