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Description & Details

Is a adventure game about saiyan story to find out super dragon god.

Vegeta Dragon Saiyan Super Z is a adventure & action game about saiyan clan story to find out super dragon god.

The main story is performed by the vegeta prince of saiyan planet. Him must departure to earth planet for find the lost dragon ball. Along the way, he met with the fighters son goku, who is a rival. throughout his. And meet many skilled fighters there are both allies and enemies. so he need to develop dexterity and skill for cope with increasingly strong enemies. And try to transform to vegeta god form. He would find dragon god ball or not? It depends on you !!

This isn't just normal action game. Because this game is have special system more than other game such as multiple character that waiting to unlock & play, A variety of skills and signature skill in different character, In addition to training, then you can be stronger by variety of equipment that waiting discovery from common level up to legendary level, But if you are not completely satisfied with your strength. you can upgrade weapon & armor up to level 10.

In addition have a variety of gameplay modes. Whether it is a story mode with a realistic story, more than 100 level. You can play story mode for unlock new warriors & new equipments. For people who like a challenge you can play challenger mode to fight with strong enemies. and you can find epic & legendary level equipment from this mode. We also have a special mode both the special stage, secret dungeon, tournament league, daily battle. Which you can hunt special reward from this mode.

• You can set different character up to 60 warrior.
• Find dragon ball to unlock new warrior.
• vegeta & goku in super saiyan form SSJ SSJ2 SSJ3 SSGSS
• Ultimate signature skill such as final flash, spirit bomb, kaioken, dragon power ball.
• 150+ stage and 50+ boss.
• Equipment class system level uncommon, common, rare, epic, legendary
• You can upgrade your device up to +10.
• Power up status your fighter up to 50 level.
• New control system easy to play for all ages.

Develop by anime dragon super fan. And made for entertainment only. Please enjoy and have fun.

We just want to create the best game for the fans. If you have idea and need more features please contact us. We promise that we will not stop the development this game if you're not stop playing us games.

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You should add more villians like toppo,jiren,kelfa etc.Add more characters like goku ssj blue+10 time kaioken vegita ssj blue+ kaioken 10 times and vegito ssj blue and trunks ssj rage and goku&vegeta ssj blue+ 20 times kaioken n goku ultra insticnt.This chages would make this game awosomely good.Overall love this game.I hope i will se this changea in the next update.
Eminent 4
great but it has one major flaw!! No Multiplayer which it really needs!!!! We need to be able to play against real people not just bots.
Barry 5
I have just given this game the most honest review that I can without putting my likes and dislikes as a fan first I rated this game as if I were a gamer first and a fan second so if you ask me this is probably one of the best DBZ or Dragon Ball Z games that I've played on the phone so far and believe you me I played just about all of them and they all freaking suck except for Super Vegeta with God power or Goku tab that that card game is lame the graphics are fine the concept is cool but the game is it sucks however this game it has it all and I only just started playing it this game is not coming off of this device until everyone is a lot cuz there are so many characters and everyone is upgraded because that's the best part about games that allow you to upgrade your character is that enough never end and at this point I don't want this game to end anyways play it rated 5 stars
Rafael 3
Game has alot of bug's, I hope that with time they're fixed. It has alot of potential!
Preston 5
I cant get past stage 5 it just says coming soon somebody help me
Junaid 4
I think this game required improvement like Goku ultra instinct power and vageta new power and control should also improve
Alinton 5
It the best play it now now now ok it the best it will blow your head off no for real it will so play it
goku 5
I love it I thought it was only he gets but is goku to thanks for making this game :D make more games plz
Yusef 5
Never download this, nothing like the real Dragon Ball Z game
Nate 5
this game is really good but can you please add ultra instinct if you make another game of this
kaleo 5
It's a really good game it would be better if you could make your.own saiyan

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