DFNDR Performance: Clean, Boost, Speed & Space

DFNDR Performance: Clean, Boost, Speed & Space








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DFNDR Performance improves your device's memory, battery life & storage space.

DFNDR Performance is a top rated cleaner app for your phone.
It offers a complete set of utilities to help keep your Android device running at its best by maximizing storage and optimizing battery performance. Each feature specializes in a different function including freeing up storage space, keeping your cache free of junk files that slow down processing power, testing the security and speed of your Wi-Fi connection and more.

Cleaner features:

Quick Cleanup
Removes junk files that compromise the phone’s storage and cache, freeing up internal memory and SD card space.

Duplicate Photo
Are redundant pictures filling up your phone? Quickly identify any duplicate photos in your gallery and easily select and delete them.

App Manager
ast and efficient way to find and uninstall old apps you no longer want or need . Why manually sift through your phone and delete unwanted apps one at a time when you can easily identify and remove them all at once?

Clean WhatsApp & Clean Messenger
Two separate dedicated cleaners specific to Whatsapp & Facebook Messenger. Gain storage space by eliminating old, unwanted videos, audio messages, GIFs and images shared on WhatsApp or Facebook. The cleaner makes it easy to see how much space you can save and allows you to easily select and delete specific files while keeping those that you want keep.

CPU Cooler
Protect your processor from overheating! The CPU cooler lowers the temperature on your device and eliminates lag by closing background apps with just one tap.

Boost Memory
Prevent lockups and crashes while improving processor speed by identifying and closing unused apps running in the background on your device.

Wifi Check
Connect to public Wi-Fi safely and confidently! The Wifi Check will test speed and security and alert you to any problems with your connection.

Accelerate Internet
Improve slow internet connections with just a click! Accelerate Internet finds and closes apps that are slowing you down.

Game Booster
Put your phone into gaming mode! This tool optimizes RAM and keeps games up to speed and lag free.

Total Charge
Protect your battery and prevent overcharging. Total charge monitors your battery while charging, calculates total charge time and extends battery life by preventing damage from staying on the charger too long.

DFNDR Assistant
To help you get the most out of the DFNDR Performance app, rely on DFNDR Assistant to make recommendations on how best to improve and optimize your phone’s performance. DFNDR Assistant customizes the experience by analyzing power consumption and provides tips based on how you use your device.

Gain quick access to optimization tools and other commonly used features on your device.

About us
PSafe is a leading provider of mobile privacy, security, and performance apps. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in the US and Brazil.

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Latest Ratings

Right to nano second speedier road runner. And 1 million@$#%!+×÷*
RaidiarS015 4
Loved it but isn't very fast I would prefer the Norton Junk Cleaner app instead if you would increase the speed of how it cleans I would rate 5
It actually works so download if
It's really necessary to make out the best
KiingDevin 5
Love it because it helps petty well
Best cleaner i have ever used only if there was anti hack
Spaceman 1
It told me I had duplicate photos in my storage, but when I deleted them it deleted a ton of my pictures and not one of them even had a duplicate. Extremely unimpressed with this app. I better get my 8 ball pool coins for this garbage.
James 3
Thanks for telling me that hey im sorry what i said by the way can u tell google to stop sendig adds at my phone. If they refuse they wil have to bother themselves
Charles 5
This Family of Apps is truly all one needs to protect one's devices. Keeps them healthy and functioning optimally. The name truly says it all. Try them once, and you will never wish to be without their magnificent effectiveness.
Daeja 1
It uninstalled all my apps. I hate it and don't recommend anyone use it
LOVE IT!! Best cleaning app I ever used in a long time.It cleans any duplicates and that way I can keep downloading games.


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