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Description & Details

The Sole SQUARE ENIX Official Licensed "Final Fantasy" Action Game

Game Introduction:

An officially licensed SQUARE ENIX FINAL FANTASY game for your phone, Final Fantasy Awakening features high-speed, action-packed ARPG online gameplay, tons of characters and a familiar cast such as the Chocobos and gigantic Summons. (Please be patient with downloading the game due to the large size)

Get ready to enter the world of Orience, the same universe of previous hits like Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy Agito, chose your favourite class and hack, slash, shoot and explore the world by yourself or with others.


-Taking FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0’s console controls perfectly to your mobile phone: dash, attack, explore and triumph with smooth and intuitive controls. Seamlessly switch between character menu to battlefield and World Map.

-Top-notch graphics CG trailers to immerse you into the legendary world of Orience and make you part of a story worthy of the name Final Fantasy, including exclusive and original VO of the Japanese cast.

-Classic Final Fantasy gameplay mixed with brand new ones: Explore the world map in the World Adventure Mode, team-up with others in multiplayer dungeons, challenge players in the Arena, test your endurance in the Infinite Trials mode and go full out in 9 vs 9 Throne Paragons mode.

-Summons Summons Summons! Series famous summons like Bahamut, Odin, Shiva and Ifrit will be unlockable and help you in your battles, including those versus the plentiful and gigantic End Bosses.

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Latest Ratings

Ethan 1
Only given a 1 star so the devs hurry up and get the game working again or else it would be a 5 star. This is the best game on play store currently and square Enix have done a brilliant job. No complaints... No p2w... and the graphics if you set them to full are just phenomenal!!! Keep it up guys!! But fix the loading issue so we can get back to akademia!!
David 5
Great game so far. Not sure if there is a community forum or something somewhere which would be nice. I had a character on some other server and it seemed to be erased when the new server opened? Its fine though, previous character did not have too much progression. Music is not the greatest though, would be good if you could include more classic FF music in the game. Dailys seem a bit overwhelming. There are so many quests to complete each day to get all the chests. Other than that im quite enjoying it. If you can't load the game after update clear data and dl again
Jess 1
Support is incredibly slow, they will happily take your money and not let you have access to the items you payed for. Will update this review if they ever actually resolve my issue. It has been 5 days since I submitted a support issue with no useful responses made by them. Update: over 48 hours since last response still not any closer to having my issue resolved
Marc 5
I was hooked up playing this game as you can still get stronger without spending. Unfortunately looks like something broke during the update and was stucked in the FF splash screen. Hoping that the devs are on top of this and release an official announcement to players.
Gaurav 3
Characters repeat the same thing over and over and it gets really irritating. And now the game doesn't even start, i love the final fantasy franchise and you have a really great game, and i like that you have to interact with the game to stay alive and it's not just automatic bullcrap, please keep updating the game.
Razzle 1
Considering how poorly designed this game looks, I wasn't expecting it to be over 1GB in size. I have more than enough space to download it, but apparently your installer says otherwise. And whenever I exited out to uninstall something, it jumped back 10% and gave me the exact same error 10% forwards in time.
So, not sure what happened with the last update, but I can't open my game either.. Edit: the fact that it asks me 'would you like to exit the game?' when I try is just funny to me, especially when I can't get it to actually START..
Robert 5
I'd still give it a 5, since, I only downloaded the game last night and I am genuinely entertained. Though I am unable to play it now after the update, and I missed my rewards. Please have it fixed as soon as possible!
Lua. 3
After recent update, i am unable to play due to the game stopping at the title screen.. please fix this as i am enjoying the game so far due to it not being a "have to p2p to win" game and all.. cheers.
Tim 3
Average at best The exact same type of game with a Final Fantasy skin on it, from the levelling to the pvp. Nothing new or imaginative here, same ol same ol. There's already a ton of games exactly like this one I'm sure you've downloaded and played before. Give it a try, but it's nothing special. Also takes up a huge amount of storage space, opening the game is click menu after click menu and takes too long, you get spammed non stop with game push notifications and the game forces you to have to click things as you unlock them. Not really worth your time, effort or data usage to download. There are a ton of great games already on the market and this is nothing but a Final Fantasy skinned game to try and get you to spend money. It's not like SE needs the money making over 50 million dollars a month from FFXIV.
Shannon 1
I played for two days and got to level 29, then an update occurred two weeks ago (?) And everything just got stuck on the loading screen. Went to reinstall like the devs recommended in other reviews and it worked again. However, all my data was lost. Who knew this would happen after playing for just two days, and I would have needed to link the account to Facebook immediately. Lost the motivation to play again after getting to such a level. But don't get me wrong, I love the Final Fantasy franchise, and it's a good game overall; the update just screwed me over and I'm pretty upset over my progress.

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