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Find Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies near you all in one place

Quick Cure have been released by Mobile Fibre. as a complete medical solution for Cameroon Health Services

Quick Cure - Check in with your health is a combo mobile application that enables you to find Doctors, Pharmacies and Hospitals in your local communities. You can find a doctor for example within a city, check pharmacies near you (Which pharmacy is On Call) or even find the list of hospitals and clinics and compare their services.

Key Features:


- Sort doctors list by specialty (Urologist, Dentist, Eye Care & more)
- Find Doctors Near you,
- Find Doctors within your city
- Find Doctors sort by name

Check Doctors Details

- Doctor’s Address
- Contact Details
- Distance from you
- Services Provided by doctors
- Visiting Time
- Health Care details
- Map location
- Ratings for doctors


- Find Pharmacy Near you,
- Find Pharmacy within your city
- Find Pharmacy sort by name
- Find Pharmacy On Call

Check Pharmacy Details

- Pharmacy On Call
- Pharmacy Address
- Contact Details
- Distance from you
- Services Provided by Pharmacy
- Open/Close Time
- Health Care details
- Map location
- Ratings for Pharmacy

Hospitals, Clinics and other Medical Centres

- Find Hospitals Near you,
- Find Hospitals within your city
- Find Hospitals sort by name

Check Hospitals Details

- Hospitals Address
- Contact Details
- Distance from you
- Services Provided by Hospital
- Open/Close Time
- Health Care details
- Map location
- Ratings for Hospital

Other Features for Patients

* You can also book appointments to meet a doctor by adding details like date, time and reason for visiting, all personal details are secured and private and will be send via email to the doctor or medical centre.

* You can also upload prescription to Pharmacy by adding mobile number, prescription will be send by email to pharmacy store.

* Cash on delivery is supported in Ordering Medications

* Favourite list : You can bookmark Doctors, Pharmacies & Hospitals

* Share Doctors, Pharmacy and Hospitals on social media

Complete Health Solution

Quick Cure does not only provide a doctor's finder app but also provides a solution for hospitals and pharmacies to reach more patients and improve their services from the feedback left by patients.

Quick Cure also makes sure all users are up-to-date with the current status of any medical practice by providing its users with notifications of changes taking place. Quick Cure will regularly update users each day with the pharmacy On Call in all major cities.

So thinking of improving your health and keeping updated with medical facilities around you then Quick Cure provides you with a personal medical diary to access any health services.

Users Advice:

All users are advised Quick Cure is a platform that only provides a quick access to a list of Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies in your local communities. We are not responsible or do we recommend any Doctors, Hospitals or Pharmacies. Using this platform is totally free and at the users, discretion to provide Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies with any information.

We are not responsible for any advises provided to our users and advised them to visit the hospital or doctor for any emergencies as Quick Cure in no way replaces the hospital, clinic or any health centre.

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