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Early detect and recognize your cutaneous concern powered by Deep Learning

QSkin is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven dermatologist-level app that can instantly detect and recognize various skin diseases. Once users upload a photo using the free smartphone app, QSkin returns the top three recognition probabilities. Currently, the AI model can recognize 26 types of prevalent skin diseases with high confidence based on our database. With a shortage of dermatologists in Canada leading to growing wait-times, this free app has the ability to improve access to care and save lives. In the near future, we are aiming to provide a more comprehensive and accurate solution.

However, QSkin does not provide medical diagnosis services. Such diagnosis services can only be provided by dermatologists. QSkin is an artificial intelligence tool to assist users for potential cutaneous risks.

List of the 26 types of skin diseases that QSkin can detect currently

•Acne    •Angioma

•Basal cell carcinoma    •Cyst

•Eczema    •Fibromas

•Folliculitis    •Granuloma

•Herpes    •Ichthyosis

•Keratosis    •Lichen (Lichen planus, Lichen nitidus)

•Lupus    •Lymphoma

•Melanoma    •Nevus

•Pemphigus (Pemphigoid)    •Pityriasis

•Psoriasis    •Rosacea

•Squamous cell carcinoma    •Syphilis

•Tinea    •Ulcer

•Urticaria    •Wart


The dataset feeding the AI-model includes 123,454 dermatologists labeled skin disease images. Currently, the AI model can recognize 26 types of skin diseases with the accuracy of 90% based on our test with over 5000 dermatologic images excluded from our training dataset. For the detection of melanoma, our AI model achieved 96.5% accuracy.

*Accuracy = Number of correct tests/ Number of total tests


In order to use the QSkin Services, you may be required to register with QSkin by providing your email address and creating a password in order to access and use certain features of the Service. You will be asked to validate your email address within 24 hours in order to make use of the service. You can also register with Google or Facebook account. You can personalize your account by choosing a profile picture and by filling in the Personal Profile and Skin Situation questionnaires. We provide the following services:

Standard service

With the QSkin Standard service, you can take a photo of your cutaneous concern with your smartphone; this is then uploaded securely to the QSkin server and QSkin then returns to the user the top three skin diseases with the probabilities. The Standard service is free of charge.

Additional services

If you would like to keep track of your records and request some treatment suggestion, additional service fees will be applied. The user needs to pay the fee via iTunes, PayPal or Google Wallet in accordance with QSkin instructions. And you will get the flowing services:

Record management to track changes

QSkin provides storage to allow you to store your skin-related photos in the server so that you could track the size, shape or even color changes. Thus, you could have a reference for your skin situations.

Treatment recommendations

QSkin gives some treatment suggestions according to the detection result. We do neither provide professional diagnosis nor guarantee the validity of the suggestion. It is the responsibility of the user to estimate if accept our suggestions. If you feel any uncomfortable, please seek the advice of a dermatologist.

Additional services will be applied in the future.

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