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Puts universal safety & the power of a home security system right in your pocket

RapidSOS Haven is a safety and security app for the whole family. The Haven app puts the power of a home security system right on your Android device, providing family safety everywhere you go. Haven lets you reach 911 dispatchers quickly and send data to 911 during medical emergencies, fires, ongoing crimes, car crashes, and any other instances that require emergency help. Limited time only: Receive a free Family Plan subscription for a year. You will not be charged until your free period is over and you select a subscription plan.

NOTE: Haven is ready after a simple 3­-step signup process (account creation, phone number entry, and SMS pin verification). Make sure you are ready for an emergency by signing up immediately after downloading the app; don't wait for a medical emergency, car crash, or fire to open Haven for the first time.

With just one touch on our emergency app, RapidSOS Haven connects you to the closest 911 dispatch center and sends your location (even if you don’t know where you are!), the type of emergency you’re experiencing, and relevant medical and demographic data. During an emergency, information is sent via data feed to compatible dispatcher systems or via text­-to-­speech if you can’t speak.

If you are having a medical emergency that makes it difficult to speak or you feel it is unsafe to speak, Haven lets you send text messages to 911 dispatchers. If you can’t speak, the app will transmit or speak your contact information, type of emergency, and other important data.

Family safety and connectivity

With this revolutionary Android app, choose emergency contacts to be notified in case of an emergency. Family, friends, doctors, trusted coworkers, and caretakers – the app alerts them of your situation. Prioritize family safety and keep your loved ones connected and informed.

Intelligently manages connection

Haven technology measures the bandwidth of your connection and chooses the best channel to connect over – from WiFi to 4G, 3G, and 2G – so that you can contact help even in challenging environments. Whether you need paramedics, police, rescue teams, firefighters, EMTs or other medical emergency professionals – with RapidSOS Haven, you can reach 911 with only one tap on the screen.

Subscription plans

Limited time only: Receive a free Family Plan subscription for a year. You will not be charged until your free period is over and you select a subscription plan.

For Family Safety:
90 days free with Family Yearly Plan $49.99/year
30 days free with Family Monthly Plan $4.99/month
For Personal Use:
90 days free with Individual Yearly Plan $29.99/year
30 days free with Individual Monthly Plan $2.99/month

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Jacob 5
Excellent use of technology! This functionality is GREAT! I wish there were more implementations of technology that ACTUALLY did something useful, instead of twitter on your microwave... The only thing I don't like, us that it doesn't notify you that your contacts will be notified during a test... 3am, couldn't sleep, phone calls concerned about what is going on from sleeping family! Not cool. Other than that, fantastic! Especially given my personal medical issues.
Missing key features of the Patronus app in which it replaces like "On My Way" which would allow you to send your destination to friends and family and give them updates as well as an automated notification of when you safely arrived. Overall it's a promising app but I have experienced several forced close instances as well as failure to complete test calls over WiFi.
Mrs. 3
OK I guess, haven't had to use it!!! I do want to point out that paying $50 a year for a family plan is ridiculous. you should only have to pay it once. Talk about money hungry. The developer of this app is greedy!!! And it's messed up for them to make money based on people's emotions for their loved ones, because what person wouldn't want to be connected to their loved ones in a crisis situation??? Also, isn't paramedics and emts the same thing? Duh!!! idiots!!! I'll give 3 stars for the idea of this app that's it!
Bryan 5
It works - but be careful Downloaded it and accidently hit the fire button. They showed up in full force 10 minutes after the call. Embarrassing butt dial for my sister in law. I'll probably never be invited over again.
Tim 5
Hey hay hay u ppl >> . I'm sure You helped me out in a lot of other people out by having the service my hat's off to you
Raymond 5
Definitely a comfort Having a program to safely monitor your condition is asset, but its future as a platform for other uses is exciting
Hal 5
Retired electrician Tks for the safety in a corrupt world.
Daquan 5
Gr8 It really worked in call in they was out with in minutes
Lawrence 5
USMC.LAWRENCE TALLEY 5,7. 220 lbs brown eyes brown skined
Jeff 5
Got help works again! Was a Great a Great app! Everyone should have this application that has a cell phone that travels! Got a response from Charlotte for assistance, great customer service!
Andrey 5
Great app Yes, it calls 911 for you if you press the button and leave it alone without talking to the dispatcher. No, It's not a bug.


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