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Immersive mode the way you like it.For the apps you want it.

Immersive mode the way you like it.
For the apps you want it.
Enjoy a bigger screen.

Choose to hide the status bar, the navigation bar or both.
Select only the applications you want immersive mode to apply to.

No running background services, no overlay activities: Granular Immersive Mode enables a truly full screen interface system wide.

A widget is available to quickly toggle Granular Immersive Mode.
A tile is also available on devices running Android Nougat and up.

To allow Granular Immersive Mode to enable immersive mode, WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission must be granted to it.
Secure system settings contain system preferences that applications can read but are not allowed to write.
Permissions with this protection level are only granted to system apps. If an app is a regular non-system app, it will never be able to use these permissions.
Permission must be granted only one time and it will survive app updates.
You can grant or revoke this permission any time.
On devices with superuser privileges, permission can be granted programmatically by the app.
Or every other device, permission can be granted with a simple command using the Android official ADB package. Contact me if you need any help or details.

* Minimum SDK version: 21 - Android 5.0 Lollipop
* Target SDK version: 27 - Android Oreo 8.1

### This app doesn't use any analytics and it doesn't read or collect any of your data.

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Latest Ratings

adam 5
This app was the best way to fix the lg g6 from forcing you to see status and nav bar all the time! I tried buggy free versions of other apps, but they are not good. This is initially challenging to set up, but the dev will help you if you reach out to him. (Key windows users: after installing platform tools, you need to hit shift + right click in the unzipped folder to open correct cmd prompt. Support was great! Finally, take advantage of that full screen!
Den 5
I haven't bought an app in years. But i had to get this because it doesn't run on background. If you don't know how to grant permissions, thankfully, there's helpful forums found online about this app... To the developer/s, I wish you'd make similar apps like "Rounded Corner" and "Navbar Apps" that doesn't run on background 👌...
Scott 5
The app works perfectly... Special shout out to the developer in walking me through the setup... That itself is worth the 10 stars... We need more people like him in the real world in customer service. Keep it up!!! I can't wait for other products u might have...
Dan 4
Doing exactly what I want for the most part. Wondering if there is anyway to apply this to the actual pixel launcher. Using a Pixel 2 XL. Edit...thanks for the response. I did find the option to add the launcher. Great work on the app! Edit...I've noticed that if I'm using the app with full immersive mode in chrome that it hides the reply box in forums behind the keyboard so you can't see what you're typing.
Zakariya 5
App is superb. Very easy to setup via adb and simple to use. Only issue if they when you are in full immerse mode the keyboard covers the input box so you can't see what your typing. Only workaround I could find was to leave the status bar visible so I'll have to settle for thay I guess
Thank you, I love this! I was using the Tiles immersive mode but I hated how I would have to turn it on again every time I turned off my phone even though I only used it for a couple apps because it was trying to conserve my battery. This is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. The only thing I would like to be able to do is enable it for the home screen, but if that's not possible it's already good enough for me.
Alex 4
Works nicely on LG G6 paired with gesture navigation. Can't tell if my battery is being drained faster than normal while using immersive with the screen off. Does it disable immersive when the screen is off to prevent the android battery drain bug? or should I need to switch back to an app which is set to not be immersive, e.g. launcher. Hopefully Dev can answer :) 5 stars if it circumvents the screen off immersive battery drain that you get with other methods
Mark 5
It took me a solid hour or so to figure out how to use the adb tool and such but once I got the permissions, works perfectly. Finally, the extra screen estate on the LG g6 isn't being wasted on those navigation and status bars! Thank you for making reading on my phone so much more pleasant!
Nigel 5
Brilliant does what it is designed to perfectly. Two mins worth of fiddling with adb commands and you are good to go. Wouldn't be needed if programmers we're better at their jobs. But to fill the gap this is the perfect tool
Andrew 5
Great app. The haughty nav bars on my G6 are gone. Finally, I can take glimpses of S8s without sighing in regret. Thanks. But on a side note, do make prerequisite directions easier to understand
Eric 4
Superb app, works fine but only issue I had was with whatsapp and telegram while typing captions. I have to settle for having the status bar on them. Still love & enjoy the app, would however would fancy a fix for that. Edit: experienced the same in apps where keyboard blocks the input field, but this appears to be a known issue & hopefully a fix will be provided soon.

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