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Open the Book of Bequeathers; write down your own stories.

OpenBeta is currently available only in Singapore. Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Philippines.
For other areas, please continue to follow Sdorica for the latest updates.

Legend has it that the world was once pitch black. Humans were puppets of the giant dragon "Sdorica". As a "Watcher", how will you change this world?...

Four years in development, Rayark Games' latest work challenges the limits of visual design, music performance and story telling in a Role-playing game.

- Visuals
In the colorful and magnificent environment, every single character will be on stage. Experience a picturesque, storybook-like adventure.

- Music
Handled by Chamber Chu, the composer of DEEMO's main soundtrack, a fully orchestrated soundtrack materializes the world note by note.

- Story Telling
Displayed with fully animated cutscenes handcrafted by 2D animators. In addition to the main storyline, the side stories of over 30 characters are woven together to create this grand tale.

- Strategy
Support, Attack and Defense; three classes of characters complement each other. From picking team members to planning a strategy based on the number of blocks on board, enage in exhilarating battles that challenge your tactical mind.

The Book of Bequeathers can display all realities,
but the Book of Bequeathers can't decide all truths.

One for all, all for one.
Their fate is the fate of the world.
Your write your own stories.
So, take a careful look, because you are now a member of this splendid world.

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Latest Ratings

Baek 5
It's a great game that is very very unique. I love it a lot but I wish there are other ways to level up so a level in the main story wouldn't be too difficult for my level. I play all the events and regions, the trainings and such but you can't really get exp from repeating them. I got to a point where I'm stuck and everything's too high for my level. So yeah, I hope there would be more ways to earn exp, maybe more missions that rewards exps or something else.
The graphics and artwork are pleasant to look at, and kudos to the guys who wrote the story, its good! As for the game mechanics, its surprisingly simple, but you really need strategy to win battles here. Character desjgns are top notch! I just hope in the future they would give more attempts per day for those quests that give you watcher experience. And lastly some seasonal heroes/units that fit the theme of halloween, christmas, valentines, etc. It's a good game overall. Looking forward to investing in this game.
Brandon 4
One of those companies that takes their games seriously. Character building, plot, aesthetics, music,controls, graphics and originality are top notch. They have an actual storyline and it is not written half-arsed. My only problem is that I can't play this game to its full potential because my phone is not up to par with the graphics. However, it is a really great game. Not your ordinary "uninstall after 2 hours of playing" mobile game. Will definitely come back after upgrading my phone. Unless they provife an option for lower ends phone to have it in love resolution because at the moment there are only high and normal resoluion. These are not particularly problems, just mere suggestions.
Cassandra 4
This is one of the most enjoyable RPG I have encountered. I was grasped by how good the graphics and music were made at the intro - worth the long wait to download the game package. FINALLY a game with a well made story. The battle mechanism is easy and I love that the battle effects which does not blind my eyes. And the details amaze me. However, I suggest that before starting all those tutorials, let us choose the language first instead of going all the way English. Somehow I wish that the source to gain exp for watchers can be increased, but since the story wasn't fully released yet, I guess I have to be patient. And pleassse, release an official soundtrack for this game!
Hitsuga 3
This is a great game for beginner gacha players as it is an easy to grasp, eye-catching game with a unique puzzle mechanic and an interesting story, albeit with some grammatical errors. Even the pull rates are somewhat higher -better chances of getting good characters! HOWEVER, I have a problem: I can play venture quests and event quests fine, but I can't seem to access the story at all. It keeps sayin the game won't respond. Can I ask help from the admin please? I wanna progress in the story. My rating would be a solid 5, but I can't if you don't fix this.
Brandon 2
Great concept. Gameplay is fun and no energy system is a big plus. Unfortunately, performance is horrid specifically for my device (Samsung S7). Updated phone, all background process closed, phone restart, reinstalled. Nothing helps the lag/loading in between actions like opening the mission tab or starting a journey and waiting 7 seconds for anything to load. Network is fine as I have done a side by side comparison on an iPhone6S on the same network and it was smooth as butter. Not sure why my device specifically has this problem but when it gets fixed, this would be a 5star recommendation for sure.
Spencer 5
Saw this as an ad on Facebook. Went meh they never show good games on here. Watched video and the art alone made me want to at least try it. Must say I'm quite impressed. A slight learning curve to it as its an atypical rpg. Never a fan of iap but doesn't seem to be needed to win at least yet. Love the musical score and the bright and imaginative characters. I'm happy it shows the % chance to get characters. So far loving the flow of the game and I'm having fun I must say. Would recommend this game to anyone looking for something new, different and especially fun and great visually id definitely give this a go! Will recommend to my personal friends who play rpgs and love atypical styles. Bravo Team Sdorica and Rayark
Joshua 5
Hi, great game, been logging in for 57 days straight. Had an issue with logging in though. I had a connection error when i started playing, and it brought me to the login page. I accidentally pressed on Guest Login and after that i was unable transfer my facebook account over. Please help, thanks!
Dan 5
I don't think I have ever ever ever ever EVER played a mobile game and actually cared about the story but this is an exception... This game blew me away from the amazing music to the interesting characters that build off each other... The controls are so simple yet the combat becomes so intricate at times (sometimes, less is more) I've just reached lvl 40 and still very impressed and anyone else who plays this should be too!! Only gripe I have is that I find myself underleveled for most story missions since there's only one daily event which gives you decent Watcher XP...
Etoloser 5
I love the game! With Rayark working on this it is no surprise that they had good graphics and visuals! But the games keeps crashing whenever I try to start Chapter 2-15 Dashing Daggers. I'm not sure if it's a bug or the story is not done yet. I would really love to continue with the story.
Sayu 4
Awesome game, great soundtrack and cool characters. Unfortunately doesn't open properly anymore. The game opens and displays a black screen only, and because of this I lost my login bonus. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S8. Waiting on a patch currently.

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