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Puxers is the fast-reaction brain teaser that will keep you hooked for hours

Simple action packed, bubble shooting, number matching, puzzle game that is easy to learn but hard to master. Pull to aim and release to shoot. Use your skill and logic to match equal numbers to make higher numbered pucks.

You haven’t played anything quite like this game before - One-part bubble shooter, one-part air hockey, one-part billiards and pool mixed with the number merging fun of 2048 you won’t want to put this game down.

This unique mix of arcade gameplay, strategy and numbers is fun and will stimulate your brain. If you like to play with physics and ricochet games such as Bubble Witch Saga, Angry Birds, or Panda Pop then Puxers is for you. Do you like mind and number games like 2048? Play Puxers the digit-disc game that’s great for kids and adults.

The more numbers you match the higher your score and the more Crowns you collect. Collect Crowns to become the true Puxers King! But beware, more pucks will come your way while you clear the board. Plan your shots carefully and play it smart, or it’s game over.


• Action bubble shooting play
• Strategic number matching
• Simple to learn and challenging to master
• Stimulate your brain and Improve cognitive skills;
• Makes learning simple math fun!
• Strengthen your reaction time;
• Challenge your friends and Compete on leaderboards to show off your skills;
• Only the true Puxers King will emerge in the end.

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4.0.3 and up
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Rated for 3+
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10000 - 50000
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  • [FREE] Puxers - Gaming

    (2 years ago)

    [FREE] Puxers - posted in Gaming: Name - PuxersDevelopers - Rokitt Dynamix TM     Puxers is an easy and fun game to play! With a mix of fast-reaction gameplay, strategy and numbers, Puxers is the cool math game that will keep you hooked for hours. Think fast! Puxers is the addictive, arcade puzzle game that requires quick reflexes and superior brain power. Combining math and the basics of billiards: shoot, ricochet and merge pucks with matching numbers to increase your...

Latest Ratings

Alex 4
Great time waster...and thats a good thing!
Meeshie 1
What happened? Was cool, now...? What the hell happened? It worked fine but now won't even start up. Uninstalled it.
Eric 5
Im hooked its a hell of a time killer and it gets you wanting more
Was good at first. Now takes forever to load. Uninstalled it.
Toma 1
Hetting worse and worse every time At the begining, it was awesome. Now the dev put ads everywhere, the loading time is huuuge and last time the app tried to update itself and froze, even if I was not connected to the internet. Dev becam too greedy and ruined it
Elazar 1
Used to be fun. They have ruined it. This game was once very good, very simple. Only core game with little ad you could pay to remove. That's the way it should be. But the devs' greed grew stronger each update. And each update they made the game more of a cashgrab and more features we don't need which in turn made it a nightmare to load and less fun to play. Stay away please.
Priya 5
A mix between 2048 and air hockey! Takes a while to load though.. Also they should move the board more towards the left so you aren't accidentally pressing the hardware buttons when trying to shoot.
Andrew 1
Takes too long to load I loved this game. It was my pooping game. But each update makes the load screen longer and longer. Now I am done pooping before I can play. And it seems worse.
Ben 1
It used to be fun It used to be fun when it wasn't filled with ads and taking way to long for it to load. And if it had an actual classic mode without the star things it would be better.
Robin 3
Love the game itself BUT I would rather there were a paid version. There is no way to quit the game. So if you are on-line the advertisers still have access to your system even after you press home to exit the game unless you kill it with an app manager. I will keep the game but will only play it off-line, and be sure to kill it when I exit. I don't begruge the author(s) making money. I don't want their advertiser following me around all of the time making even more money than the author(s).
tracy 3
Love it, it's very addictive, But do need internet connection to get the higher scores, by replayng last moves with is earned by 'sharing game' (but you don't need to actually), watching adds or buy laying actual money (which I don't). The only problem is it's takes a lot of memory & the adds are all the movie types with sound, none that you can quickly skip, Hate new update, not looks good 3 of 3/4 different game assist until you realise those have to last you & are not renewed next game.


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