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By Refuel Games Pty Ltd Category Racing

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Drift around corners, catch air over jumps, hit your boost and race to victory!

Experience the thrill and challenge of high speed rally racing! Push your driving skills to the limit as you race against the clock, compete against challenging AI opponents, and race in special bonus events.

DRIFT: Slide sideways around corners for speed or just for pure fun.

NITRO BOOST: Hit your nitro boost and reach extreme speeds. Leave your opponents in your dust!

REALISTIC PHYSICS: Realistic racing physics on asphalt or dirt. How far can you drift? How much air will you catch over the jumps? Just don't lose control and crash!

CUSTOMIZATIONS: Customize your cars with different paint colors, apply decals, and personalize your license plates.

CARS: Multiple high performance rally cars to drive, each with different specs.

UPGRADES: Improve your cars with upgrades for speed and performance.

CONTROLS: Tilt or touch steering. Manual or automatic acceleration. 4 different views to choose from.

License Agreement: http://www.refuelgames.com/eula.html

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Luke 5
I love this game! It really stands out! I love that it's offline and loading doesn't take that long! I want to suggest some things that will make it stand out more. Like maybe the ability to customize the HUD? Graphics settings maybe? Or the ability to add a picture to the side or the top of the car? Apart from that, bluetooth and wifi multiplayer with lan and rooms would be amazing! A solid 5 stars from me!
Sam 5
I love it! Finally hours of searching for a competitive rally game paid off. Really top-notch physics, racer competitiveness and race scenery. Five stars but I should add a few maybe ideas, to improve the game. For one thing, you could add more car models/variations and a more variable design station, for decals or custom paint jobs or likewise.
shafizee 4
best rally game ever made...love to play...but...please add branded car manufacturers...love to see proton's car like satria neo s2000....iriz r5...suprima s...inspira...perdana...savvy or Mitsubishi colt..evo...mirage... or Nissan pulsar...march..or Subaru wrx sti....or any hothatch for rallying...thanks yuoa are made it the really rally game....please add cockpits view....dirt smoke...backfire exhaust...bov sound... modified bodykit and wheels...please fix the controller position and physics...to fit....hard to touch....tq again..this is great..keep i up
Maynard 5
The game is excellent! No fuel, no BS, just race! If they didn't do a thing with it but add new tracks as it goes along would be enough. These guys nailed it. Purchased the top car in order to support them in hopes they continue. Great job guys!
Good and very nice game. Make it more intresting with more cars and more tracks like free drive or something like that. And also make like u can costumize the car yourself with the body kits and more. Pls be quick with the updates. I cant wait anymore for the new stuffs that we can do in this game. PLS BE FAST.
Mohd 5
Well it's a very nice game for the amount of storage it takes to install the game. The controls are quite realistic and to be honest it's harder than steering a real car. My suggestion to make this game a bigger success is by fixing the under steer problem. Increasing the sensitivity will cover up the understeer
Bryan 3
This would a very good game if you could steer the car properly ! It is not possible to drift accurately as the car doesn't respond fast enough to steering input, altering sensitivity has no effect ! Update 1 day later. Please Please do something about the ghastly understeer which is really spoiling this game .
dante 5
the game being non 5, six stars! the interface and graphics are perfect, run perfect in high performance (true gaming). please, put a minimal effect of blur in a top of acceleration, a pro mode without signs. multiplayer offline for bluetooth. You are the best!
The 5
Awesome game. Its a wonder how u guys managed to put such nice graphics in this such less mb. Here's some suggestion for u guys: 1.Add online/LAN multi-player. 2.More tracks 3.Camera from inside the car. And this might just be the best mobile really racing game out there.
deni 5
Great game, would be perfect if the cars could be more appealing, at least as nice as the enviroments. I gave it 5 stars because of the advertising fairness to the player, and the game overall experience. Developers, please don't leave this game in the dust, it has great potential.
Amir 5
Great work, simply enjoyable, I wonder its developed to multiplayer game, offline LAN multiplayer or online. Wish list : add more custom decals or paint job. Free roam mode to explore map. More map...


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