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Physics Puzzle Adventure Game | Solve Puzzles and Challenges

Barren Lab is a Physics Puzzle Adventure game inspired by Limbo.

Developed by the makers of Jungle Adventures 2, Barren Lab is a atmospheric Puzzle-Platformer game. Joe is on his journey to find what he has lost. He finds himself in numerous traps and danger. He gets some friendly help in his journey. Find out if Joe can escape dark shadows and secrets of Barren Lab. Explore a strange and fantastic world of Barren Lab with Joe and uncover hidden secrets on his epic adventure.

-Simple controls & Addictive Gameplay
-Smooth animations
-Realistic graphics
-Physics-based Gameplay
-Solve puzzles, explore things and avoid traps
-Tons of Challenges
-Realistic Sound(Headphones Recommended)

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Latest Ratings

Karen 4
I would probably enjoy this game if the controls would work. Never had this problem with other games, so I can't imagine it is my phone, but it could be.(Moto E) I could not jump over the first hole with the laser to save my life! I even watched a tutorial to see if I was doing anything wrong, but I tried the same thing as the video with no luck. Over and over again.... I'm going to see if you're on Amazon Games, maybe it will work on my tablet. All those people can't be wrong, so I think it is either a phone tech issue or a programming issue. I hope it gets fixed, because it looks like a cool game. I gave you 3 stars because MAYBE it is a good game, so I didnt want to give you too negative of a review. But, since the control will not let me jump, I guess I will never get past the first couple minutes of gameplay to find out.
Ankit 3
Good adventure puzzle game but an adventure game requires a story which this game lacks, so most of the times it becomes boring. Also controls are bit annoying, sometimes doesn't work as expected. And sound skips every 4-5 seconds and that is more annoying. This game is same like limbo and limbo is much better than this game with smoother controls & awesome story!
Michelle 3
Could be a little brighter controls suck have switch just do certain moves each control systems have downfall. Stuck lv 10 don't get how to pass lv.
Ruud 2
The controls took away the fun really. And it's a bit boring, having no story.
Mediator 4
Sorta copied from Bimbo but nicely done
Dale 5
Very cool game you must Download it
It's a kind of mind game...loved it...level 10 is a little tough for beginners.... But the game is fantastic... It's time should try it once
tamil 5
This is the best friend and I don't know what to do you want to be a good day Y
Kendra 5
FINALLY an arcade adventure that is fun and solvable!
Only genius game Awosome game
Ashish 5
I like this game as it reminds me game name "Inside Conspira4cy" PC game. But only problem is why need key card to open next level, it is ok but to get key card why every time need to watch videos. Please remove videos. Make different advertise or give more key card when watch one video. For one key card one video not fair.


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