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Download free MP3 Music Player with online features and enjoy your top music

This great free MP3 player with online features allows you to hear through download music directly from server to your device in real time, also known as streaming.

Thousands of free music of all styles, mixes, remixes, covers, soundtracks, many artists and originals. It depends of what the authors updload to the service. So any genre can be present like pop, rock, metal, funky, jazz, synth, disco or any other. It's all to their imagination! Simply search by your own criteria and then download the music directly to your device in real time to hear it.

Another important feature is the free mp3 player included. Copy all your mp3 music to the Music folder on your sdcard, launch the app and go to the free mp3 player, the headphones icon, then select any mp3 from the list to launch the built-in free mp3 music player of the app. This free mp3 music player is lightweight, shows all your mp3 in the Music folder of your sdcard, allows to move forward or backward with buttons or using directly the mp3 songs list. Incredibly versatile and pretty handy, you will love it! So don't worry anymore and download all your mp3 music files to this wonderful free mp3 music player.

Thanks for your support and enjoy! ;)

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4.0.3 and up
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50000 - 100000
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Swag 1
Stops playing music halfway. Gives server error sometimes when trying to play a song. It doesn't work well on 128kbps internet data. Uses too much battery, i get system warning for it. Please fix some issues: 1. Add a previous song button on navigation bar. 2. Allow bluetooth controls like previous, pause and next. 3. Make screen rotatable. 4. Allow user to exit/minimize app without shutting off music. 5. Add a user login for online user song playlists. 6. Make the app compatible with Drive Mode. 7. Remove/block song covers and remixes. 8. Organize songs by albums and artists 9. Integrate adds into middle of the song album image so that it is out of the way and doesn't block the whole screen. Otherwise the app music selection is good, just need to add some features to improve user app experience.
Why i cant able to download? I love this app cause i can find any songs and artist, but i cant download the song...😩
good for finding songs but too many pop up adds in app. less adds would be nice.
Sonnie 3
It's alright so far think I'm going to like it
Rugby 3
I'm not really sure how I should feel I should feel about this
Great app y'all should download it
Victor 3
I wish it goes on my samsung music app
Angel 4
Love it just wish i could download songs
Yasmeen 5
It was love at first download 😍
joann 4
So far so good.. been trying to find some of the real artists out there on these so called mp3 apps to download music .. like the queen, Sade.. Mr. Michael Jackson..Ms. Janet.. etc.. and yep!! They are here!..😁 No YouTube dj trying to mess up the great jams to jam too, while you waste your time in life in f-in traffic!!.. Yep!.. I'll be janmin at least. Thank you guys please keep up the great jams!.. cuz.. if you get caught slippin'.. Thoes STARS will be slipping too!.. 😉
Pipefox 4
^_^Better than most Mp3's that I've tried.So far I've been able to find my favorite bands except, some of them are missing some songs and if it's there it has someone else singing or its just a review of somebody talking about the song.

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