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Harvest Festival FREE app let you send beautiful cards to your friends or family

Just choose from the vast selection of Harvest Festival Cards in the app and send via email, messenger or social network like Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

Customize your Harvest Festival Cards with your own messages and send. Also, if you are not feeling to creative just send Harvest Festival Cards with quotes.

About Harvest Festival or Pesta Menuai/Tadau Ka’amatan ;
The Kadazan/Dusun Harvest Festival known as ‘Tadau Ka’amatan’ or ‘Pesta Menuai’ of Malaysia which is celebrated in the month of May by Sabah every year to thank their favorite Rice God. The local people have given the name of ‘Tadau Ka’amatan’ to this festival. The local people wear their traditional costumes to mark the festival. Carnivals are an important part during the festival.

This is the city-level Ka’amatan celebration which include highlights such as the famous Harvest Beauty Contest or the Unduk Ngadau, Sugandoi (singing) competition featuring Kadazan Dusun songs, traditional cooking and drinking competitions, local foods tasting and many more. Harvest Festival is the culmination of the upacara summit run by Bobohizan or ‘Chief Pastor’.
Kadazan believe in ghosts and they believe there are five types of spirits known as: - ‘Kinoingan’ Chairman of the figure and creator, ‘Rusad’ spirit of all life except human, ‘Koduduvo’ human spirit, ‘Tombiivo’ spirit of the dead, and the evil spirit ‘Rogon’. According to the beliefs of the Kadazan, rice spirit is part of Kinoingan - also known as ‘Bambaazon’, who is worshiped as the creator of and a powerful source of life. Bambaazon rice spirit is very honored to rice, rice, and rice. Many believe that "No rice, no life."

When the Harvest Festival, the people of Sabah wearing their traditional costumes and have fun all day long. Fermented beverages "rice wine" served as a special beverage Harvest Festival. Sabah population would greet each other by saying 'Kopivosian Tadau Ka'amatan' or 'Kounsikaan Tadau Ka’amatan’'.

The Ka’amatan Festival or Pesta Menuai is a form of Harvest Festival celebrated annually in Borneo, Malaysia. Ka’amatan Festival last for the whole month of May ending with a 2-days public holiday which fall on the 30th & 31st of MAY. A traditional beauty contest known as Unduk Ngadau is held and it is the most anticipated even during the Ka’amatan Festival with the newly crowned Unduk Ngadau in the annual last district, Penampang.

Harvest Festival Cards is available exclusively in conjunction with the celebration of the Harvest Festival, celebrated by the Kadazan/Dusun every year in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. Harvest Festival Cards is very interesting and certainly it is easy to use by anyone.

Here, I would like to wish all of Sabahan people - Kotobian om Kounsikaan Tadau Tagazo Do Ka’amatan.

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