Remindee - Create reminders from any app!

Remindee - Create reminders from any app!








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Description & Details

Easily create reminders from any app using the Android Share button

Remindee is the minimal, content-focused reminder app you can use to create reminders from anywhere!

How it works?
Hit the share button in any app for the content you want to create a reminder about, tap "Remind Me", set the date & time you want to be reminded at - done! You don't even have to leave the app you're in!

You can even create a reminder just by copying some text! Useful when you want to create a reminder based on a message you've just received..

It's really that simple :)

Use it to remind yourself to reply to that Tweet or Facebook post, to read that webpage article later, to book those tickets when they're released, to call or email that person.. the options are literally endless!

Please don't leave negative feedback or a bad rating if you find a bug or if it does not work on your device as that won't help me fix it. Please email me with details of your issue and I will see if I can fix it.
And free to email me with any queries and feature requests. I'm always open to suggestions :)

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Latest Ratings

Craig 5
Couldn't believe how long I was looking for something to do this. Already upgraded a feature based on feedback. Now I can manually create a reminder. No more cluttered calendar.
Noah 5
This is the best little app to do a huge job on my phone. Simple reminders about anything! Perfect!
feroze 4
Add a feature - if we set reminder to make a call, reminder should open contact or call directly.
MarthaLee 5
Still figuring it out but it seems to be a very helpful and easy-to-use app!
Randy 5
Fantastic. I'd been wanting something like this for ages. Definitely would pay for this.
raelynn 5
I really love this app. I was attempting (and failing) to use a combination of pocket and IfTTT to achieve the same goal, but this is far simpler and the implementation is spot on. It's very lightweight too, and none of that running in the notification bar all day nonsense. Pretty much perfect.
Andrew 2
Love the idea but can't get it to work. The bell icon is always crossed out and it won't remind me of tasks?!
Leo 5
Just what i was looking for i.s.o. the yellow post it apps. Please explain the archive/pending function.
Furo 4
Brilliant concept. However, recurring reminders are not implemented and device sync via Google Drive is an option I'm willing to pay for.
Joao 4
It would be more useful if the reminders were set on the Google calendar, or at least have that option
Amit 5
Will be great if you'll support Whatsapp messages reminders

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