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Grow a star while you sleep with this refreshingly different, free alarm clock!

The Nebula Alarm Clock is a brand new twist on the alarm clock app, packed with features to help you fight the urge to hit the snooze button. We guarantee you've never tried any alarm clock like it. Here's how it works:

Every night, you grow a star little by little while you sleep. When your alarm goes off in the morning, you'll wake up to a brand new star, ready for you to collect. You have to hurry though, if you don't collect your star in time by completing a challenge, it will explode in a violent supernova, destroying your night's work. Stars you collect can be chained together to build magnificent constellations and unlock awesome in-app rewards.

Pick from several different challenges to shut off your alarm and collect your star, like having to complete a tricky brain teaser or even having to scan a QR code in your bathroom. You can completely customize the Nebula Alarm Clock app to wake you as gently or rudely as you want. We have features to stop even the most stubborn of snoozers from oversleeping!

Nebula Alarm Clock Features:
✔ Lots of super high quality ringtones to pick from ranging from gentle to extremely loud and annoying
✔ Wake up to your own music and ringtones
✔ Earn awesome rewards for waking up with our constellation system to keep you motivated not to oversleep
✔ The Sleep Engine: play ambient sounds on a timer to help you fall asleep
✔ QR and Barcode scanner alarm shut off methods for heavy sleepers
✔ Shake to dismiss alarm shut off method
✔ Color Tap alarm shut off method
✔ Gradual increasing alarm volume to make it easy to rise in the morning
✔ Your star really grows! 3 different phases all going on inside your phone while you sleep
✔ And lots more!

Our philosophy is simple. Set one meaningful alarm and actually get up when it goes off instead of snoozing through 10 alarms set 5 minutes apart from each other. Fighting the snooze habit isn't easy, but we're here to help give you the motivation not to oversleep with unlockable rewards, extremely loud, annoying ringtones like digital style and gratuitous foghorn, and scanner based alarm clock shut offs. This alarm clock is designed to make you feel like going back to sleep has real consequences. With positive reinforcement for waking up and a wide variety of tools you can use to motivate you to get out of bed, we're here to help you kick the snooze button habit, one star at a time.

Tips to make this alarm clock as effective as possible at fighting the snooze urge:
• Don't sleep with your alarm beside you, instead set your phone far enough away that you have to physically get up to turn off the alarm
• Start with loud, annoying ringtones like digital style or old fashioned that really annoy you out of bed, once you get used to waking up without snooze, you can start to experiment with gentler alarm ringtones and using your own music
• We highly recommend using the QR code dismissal method. Print off any qr code, tape it to your bathroom mirror and it will force you to walk to the bathroom to turn off the alarm and collect your star
• Stick with it. This alarm is a tool to help make waking up easier and provide positive reinforcement along the way, but at the end of the day, you have to be the one to get up. Building habits is hard, but if you try your best, it will get easier :)

If you have any questions or feedback about the app please feel free to contact us, we love hearing from you and your suggestions matter to us!

The "Snowy Mountains Illustration" in this app is made by Freepik
Some icons in this app were made by Freepik from
For more information please see the in-app credits :)

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