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Description & Details

Make Me Plus is an interesting math circle puzzle & a relaxing lite math game.

Make Me Plus is a minimalistic math game that will give your brain a relaxation. The objective of this game is to get the exact summation of the number asked.

Sounds easy? But how far can you get through the levels?

Make Me Plus is a lite math game which comes with multiple play modes to solve a lot of interesting hurdles.
This game comes with 2 Play Modes now. With each level the job more complicated and more interesting.

Make Me Plus Game Modes:
(1) Shoot Plus & (2) Crush Plus

What’s in the “Shoot Plus” Mode?
This is a mathematical circle puzzle. We call it the Hexa Orb. In this game mode you have to count up the numbers to get the exact figure asked in goal. Once you have filled the progress bar of “Next Level”, your goal will move up by next number. How far will you be able to go to be a math master?

Rules of Shoot Plus
- Shoot the number given in the center of the Hexa Orb to the place to get the exact summation of the Goal
- Make a chain of the 5 goal numbers in sequence to eliminate these hexa blocks from the circle
- This gives you more space to occupy more numbers
- Try to break these chain as many as possible
- When your progress bar of “Next Level” gets filled, you’ll move to the next number
- Don’t let the circle be crowded. Keep an eye on the “Life” line as the circle has the limit of accepting the hexa orbs

In short, tap the hexa block to the adjacent blocks where you get the summation of the goal number by adding the block. They will merge in the position you tap.

What’s in the “Crush Plus” Mode?
Crush Plus is a simple crystal popping fun game that will keep you busy and annoyed for hours. Rules are simple: crush and destroy the crystals as many as possible to achieve the exact plus of the goal number. Sounds easy? Yes, this crystal puzzle is simple to learn but hard to master.

Rules of Crush Plus
- Ultimate crystal popping fun
- Tap on the crystal to set off the chain reaction
- More crystals destroyed, higher score you will get
- Tap on the crystal when there are lot of other crystals beside to get chain reaction going
- Make sure you have just one tap, so locate the best place to tap and get maximum crystals crushed
- Each level gets progressively harder

In short, tap on the crystal to pop and set off the chain reaction to get a continuous points. More the crystals are crushed, more the points are earned.

Play the ultimate make me plus game to enjoy the lite summation game and ultimate color crystal puzzles. More game modes are coming soon!

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