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PowerIT: maximize your training

What is Power?

Power is the rate at which energy is used (energy over time) and is measured in watts. In cycling, energy is expressed in terms of work (such as how hard you have to work to ascend a climb). It’s a constant snapshot of your work rate at any given moment. It’s the building block from which all power-based training flows. - Bicycling.com

What is Power IT?

Power IT is an application that calculates the power output of the cyclist based on the speed measured by a speed sensor attached to the bike and the power curve of an indoor trainer. Power IT will be able to broadcast the calculated power to an Ant+ display device ( ie. Garmin Edge or a Garmin 910xt ). If your using a Garmin device, average power, normalized power(NP) and training test score(TSS) will automatically compute this data fields based on the calculated power generated by Power IT.

How accurate will be the calculated power?

Every power meter implements its own algorithm to measure power. Doing a side by side comparison of the power measured by an actual power meter and the calculated power might have a variance of +/-50 or even more. But as long as you keep your training environment constant(tire pressure, tire contact on the indoor trainer, Power IT setting, etc. ), you will gain the benefit of training with power using Power IT.

Why buy Power IT instead of an actual power meter?

I believe you know the answer for this. Power IT is a poor man's power meter. With Power IT you will gain the benefits of training with power. If you see the benefit of using power-based training, I would not stop you from buying an actual power meter. Power IT just gives you a cheaper of option of doing a power-based training. Just don't brag your power output with a cyclist using an actual power meter.

What you need?

To use the application, you will need an ANT+ Speed Sensor, ANT Radio Service (available at the Play Store). Additionally, if your android smart phone does not have an integrated Ant+ chip, you will need an Ant+ USB dongle(https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/shop-by-accessories/fitness-sensors/usb-ant-stick/prod10997.html), a USB OTG cable, and ANT USB Service(available at the Play Store).

Supported Bike Indoor Trainers:
1Up USA - 6 pockets
BlackBurn - Basic Mag
BlackBurn - Fluid
BlackBurn - Tech Mag 6
CycleOps - Fluid 2
CycleOps - Jet Fluid Pro
CycleOps - Magneto
CycleOps - SuperMagneto Pro
CycleOps - Wind
Kinetic - AC Pro
Kinetic - Cyclone
Kinetic - Cyclone II
Kinetic - Road Machine
Kinetic - Rock and Roll Trainer Pro
Kinetic - Standard Fluid
Lemond - Revolution
Minoura - GYRO V100
Minoura - HyperMag1200R
Minoura - MAG-500
Minoura - MAG-500L-D
Minoura - MAG-500L-R
Minoura - MAG-850
Minoura - VFS-R
Spinervals - Super Fluid 4.5

If you are unable to find your specific bike trainer here, just use either

Generic Mag Trainer - 1.5kg Flywheel
Generic Fluid Trainer

and keep your training environment constant and you will still gain the benefit of cycling training with an actual power meter.

Note: This app has been tested working on Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. Please make sure that you have installed and tested the Lite version before making the purchase.

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